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  • Well, I'm not here to railroad us. I want to know what your preferences are.
    Indeed I did. We can start convening on where you'll be in the story. I was planning on making another character to go along with you, if that was alright with you.
    It was posted in the sign-ups that any reference to a Canon character was to be area based rather than named base. As Scholar put it on the sign-ups, you would have said you met the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, not Elesa. Sorry if you do have permission to saw that, I am just repeating what was said to someone else on the sign-ups trying to make Whitney his mom and Ethan his uncle I do believe.
    Might also help if I was able to read all the details in the 2 hours I've been trying to get into the RP and typing the RP.

    Also, you will find that I just revealed the true Sharda, in every aspect you would be able to see what kind of person she is now.
    Yeah, you just happen to be one of the easier to find Entei rank students there. Sorry if you didn't want to be having a conversation with Sharda, but in all honesty, it's literally my first day in an RP since March last year.
    Yep. Appreciate the help, I just ended up joining in later than I usually would, but then again, I am lucky I am in an RP that's in the Start-Ups. I'll be in my dining hall in a minute, about to post my turn dealermabob.
    Okay, so where would be an appropiate place for air? Just outside in general. I didn't have time to check the 6 pages before I left. I'll read it all now.
    Don't repy to animekid anymore. Just like let him be and let the mods handle him because at the rate he's going he's going to get in trouble and you can as well for mini modding.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that we're planning on getting started with my Pokemon Journey RP this weekend, so make sure you finish up your application by Saturday at the latest.

    Also, I get t be your first VM. Yay! xD
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