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  • Hey, White Crow might be a bit late today since she's caught up in something.
    Great! Have you seen his teambuilding video?
    Also, I don't have the Nidoran, White Crow does. She said she will be online tomorrow to trade.
    There aren't as many VGC players in the Bulba Battle Center (BBC) as there are singles players. The ones I know of besides myself are sharkshocker, BadAssGardevoir, Vivillon, and Lunacy Fringe. If you want more help with VGC you can check out the site Nugget Bridge. They are the main community involved in VGC-related stuff, and they have plenty of resources that could help you get started.

    Haha I've had that same dream as well xD I think the best way to learn VGC is by watching videos. Did you keep up with Worlds' this past week? There were some really great matches. By watching previous matches from Regionals, Nationals, and the World Championships you can learn a lot about teambuilding and battling! I would also recommend following Poketubers, especially those who do VGC. My favorite VGC Poketuber is Aaron "Cybertron" Zhang. If you haven't already, check out his Youtube channel "CybertronProductions". He posts all kinds of videos about VGC tips, tutorials, teambuilding guides, and other fun VGC stuff. His videos help many newcomers to VGC, and I am sure you'll enjoy them as well!
    Hey man! I will have to talk to White Crow first, but Tuesday should be fine.
    As for the Sp. Atk, I am not sure since I didn't breed it myself, Crow did. But yeah, for VGC Nidoking can make a lot of use with its special attacks, especially since they give him more Sheer Force move options. I also saw your RMT post of your VGC team. I've been busy so I haven't gotten a chance to reply to it yet, but I plan to do so soon. Thanks for being patient :)
    Hey there. Sorry for the delay, White Crow has been busy the last week. But she has your Nidoran ready. She told me that she should be back on the forums tomorrow to trade with you. And if for some reason she ends up not being able to, I will do the trade in her place. In any case, I will keep you updated, and you'll get your Nidoran soon.
    That's kinda confusing tbh :eek: Let's see then, can you ask the IV checker in-game? To get an idea of the ivs and if it has any at 31.
    Sup ~? :D
    Yeah, he replied for me.. I was gonna ask for the ivs of the pokes you offer if you could?
    No, I don't. I got this picture from someplace else. Here's the link: Flickr: Filip Johannes Felberg's Photostream
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