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  • Hi there! I noticed on some veeeery old posts, you talked about having tumblr, I deleted my old blogs and left tumblr for a few years and returned recently. What's your username if you're still active so I could follow you again, maybe? ^^
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    Sweet Veil
    Hello, I'm still active and am Multiscales <3
    Oh!! There you are, hiii! ^_^
    I recognize you now. Okay, so we never totally lost touch, fff, I just didn't recognize your Bulbagarden username. ^^

    It's runawaycarouselhorse, so we're already mutuals!!
    Hey, man, I didn't realize that you started coming back here almost a month ago now. I'm sure you remember me. :bulbaWave:

    How've you been lately?
    Sweet Veil
    Haven’t really been active here in centuries, mostly log back in sometimes out of curiosity or sharing my opinions. You?
    Trainer Gabriel
    Trainer Gabriel
    Well, that's cool that you decided to pop back in occasionally. I've been doing okay myself; not much out of the ordinary. Guess I'll be seeing you more often again.
    Sweet Veil
    Possimaybe, I’ll be around shitposting here and there. Thinking about biting the bullet and getting Twitter to go with Tumblr.
    Hey that show is awesome. And yep, I work the counter and sometimes do the accounting.
    Well, things seem OK as is.

    They certainly have had some cute moments across the series. ^^ Slight biasey here, but I personally like the scene in "Awakening the Sleeping Giant" where they conspire with each other to leave Clemont with Princess Allie - it's cute. For a while afterwards, I kept rewatching it to see if I could figure out if what Serena was whispering to Bonnie was actually audible. X3
    Sorry it took a while to get back. I have had a few problems, but really, I'd prefer not to talk about it behind other people's backs. I'm fine with people not liking certain characters provided they respect the opinions who DO like them, after all. ^^

    Also, BTW, your icon reminds me of just how sweet Serena and Bonnie are together. Just saying. X3
    Yeah ARC-V's pretty good in general, though it's got a few bland episodes here and there.
    You're right though xD

    Yeah I have an anxiety for failing and I have ADD, for which I take medicine. Two times a day. It sucks, but it helps. Quicksand is a good metaphor for giving into negativity I'd say. Nope, haven't seen a doc on it yet.

    Thanks. One of my teachers is preaching all the time how there is a lot of future in Communications jobwise, so I guess I'm good xD
    I'll say this much...if Iris DOES return for a bit in XY, I can so imagine Bonnie wanting to pet Axew. And to a degree, I can also imagine some antics with Emolga and Dedenne. ^^
    Oh, definitely. :) There's a lot of things to like about it, but I honestly think the biggest draw for me is that it's the first Pokemon season in absolutely ages that I like all of the cast members. Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are definitely up there amongst my favourite Pokemon protags right now. ^^

    The battles are pretty cool as well, and for what it's worth, I like the stories too.
    It's no problem, really. :)

    Well, I can't really say I like BW (I've not seen it all the way through) but for all her flaws, I do like Iris. There's admittedly only a few characters in the anime I dislike or hate, and Iris just isn't one of them. ^^
    Ah, I see.

    I need to be way more active here. But between work and my family and dogblogging, I have no time.
    Yeah, they can be tough. I learned a lot from this relationship tough. Next time I'm going to be more honest to myself and myself more if I'm still content with how things are going.

    I've had issues in the past with giving in to negativity and it has caused to get me into a severe depression last year. Thankully I'm over that, and now I'm better at looking at the bright side of things and picking up my life.

    I'm majoring in Communications, next year my minor will be Journalistics.
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