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  • um I saw in your shop that you have a shiny ho-oh and arceus are you willing to trade them I have millions of shines all shiny starters and regis ex regirock and gigas shiny ev trained scizor hack shiny ev trained lucario dragonight metagross and electivire I have a normal ev trained starapter ev traine umbreon shiny ev trained blissy normal ev trained salamence and tons of shiny's tell me if you need mor I also have event's and all are legit ex the scizor
    Hey, good news. Someone traded me a Lansat Berry :D I now have every berry. If you ever need any, just ask and I'll gladly trade you some :D
    Hey! I hope you don't mind me randomly stopping by, but I was wondering if you had a Lansat Berry you'd be willing to trade. In case you're curious, I found you by searching the Shop Subcenter for rare berries I need and saw someone traded you a Shiny Mew with a Lansat Berry xD
    He is a Chinese guy who talks like that on Youtube lmao.


    Check it out, it's jokes.

    Sigh :(
    Re-open one day heh.

    You should see it on facebook...

    So hows that girl of yours? :D

    Pfft, I know you miss the Gardens lol.
    Still running that shop of yours? :p

    And you on the Twitter wagon or what aha.


    If you're talking about the leafs, quiet lol.

    I don't watch Hockey, but I heard about the Leafs :(

    We planned our parade and everything...

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