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  • Well yeah, one ep a week for a show like this is of course tiring. But with BW there's been a Gym every 10 eps, so its moving at a faster pace to make up for anything else.

    The series flows much better once a saga is over, because then you could just watch through it consistently, skipping some bad fillers here and there, and get through it.

    But I can understand dropping it cause of Ash's team and or the characters. I still like Iris and Dento, and Dento is at least getting 1 or 2 eps between every Gym, so its fine.
    From what I saw of Trakeena so far, it is obvious she's trying to be an imitation Astronema. Astronema was badass to the extreme and I don't think anyone could possibly match her wickedness or personality. I sorta preferred normal Astronema over cyborg Astronema since her normal self was more her personality, feelings, and emotions. I haven't seen the LG finale yet so I'll have to check it out. But any PR fan would agree that Countdown to Destruction is almost the best episode ever created.
    That's awesome! I'm way behind on the newer seasons but I've seen the entire seasons of Zeo, Turbo, and In Space. I'm working on Lost Galaxy and Mighty Morphin' now. Astronema is the most awesome villain so far in my opinion.
    Yeah, it was a great game, I bought it discounted earlier this year at 14.99 from best buy. I actually liked Momohime's game better than Kisuke. Momohime wasn't doing the killing, but being forcefully possessed by Jinkuro is a good plot device IMO.

    I also liked Momohime's blades better than Kisuke. I preferred the short and fast blades to those huge clunky ones.
    The rivals in BW really do feel like expies of DP.

    Shooti is almost like Paul, and Bel is almost like Barry. LOL.
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