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  • My friends tell me I act like Giroro a lot, which is funny... but I think Giroro is cool, so I don't mind. xD

    Tamama cracks me up, as does Kululu. Heh, I like them all, though I guess if I were forced to pick, I'd go with Tamama. :p
    I absolutely adore Middens, but I could see it not being something some people would like. It's a very surreal game; your weapon is a revolver with eyes and a mouth that's very chatty. In addition, you're not really given any direction. You basically wander around wherever you feel like until you acquire enough Nothings.
    If you like Ib, you'd probably like Kirisame! I played it last week and really enjoyed it.
    Man I looove Rpgmaker games. I went on a binge download the other day from Rpgmaker.net and I'm working thru the games I got. Ib and Middens are probably my favorites right now <3
    Keroro Gunsou is awesome! I don't watch anime nearly as much as half the people here (I hardly watch TV at all, really) but my friend sat me down to watch Keroro and I was hooked. :D
    Hi! I'll be online pretty much all day until 5-8, then I will be back on for the remainder of the night, I believe! Any spare time then, or Sat/Sun?
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