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  • I here you man, the mods are untouchable over there. The only person who can really do anything is Serebii and we all know he's in the dark about everything going on there. And you can't even report a mod because it goes straight to Ellie(pretty much the only admin who's ever there) and she always goes with her "friends".
    Ah, well if it helps, they got rid of reps awhile back and that got rid of most of the troll infractions, now it's mostly for actual rule breaking. Although I just got banned for a month for talking about a banned member(it got extended due to Ellie being a freaking bitch though *sighs*...)
    Well, this is the current 2ch thread: ポケットモンスターXY 62 | ログ速

    I don't think I see any image involving Fletchling covered in aura. Did the person say anything about the source?
    Ugh me too, seriously this league is so fucking stupid -_-. Btw I want to say that I am sorry about arguing with you about the rat awhile back, you are completely right they have gone way too far already lol.
    I get what you mean. Almost every time there is someone who criticize the show or gives a negative review there is always someone else who attacks said person and try to shush him/her. It's ridiculous!
    Hey, pal! What happened to you in Serebii? It's true that you decided to leave?

    Don't let those "BW Lovers 4 Ever" to prevail on you. In my opinion, your posts are among the most intelligent and incisive (in a good way) I have ever read. Ignore those pestering people. You have the right to express your opinion.
    BurningSociety12345543210 (previously Thing, you know, the balloon troll?)

    Bulbagarden's alright, I think it calmed down as well. I guess they just don't like cluttered threads. There's always the Pokemon League section if you want to start a debate though. By the way Street Comedy wasn't trying to be an ass, and Hero of Ideals is a known troll.

    You might want to put up a userpic, talking to someone without an avatar makes one feel like they're talking to someone without a face. Or so I've heard~
    When I looked through a post in an old review (the Druddigon episode), I can't help but feel amazed about this line of this post:

    Maybe later on they will and it will be a three episode arc revolving around the twerps trying to get their Pokemon back.
    A prediction coming true when you least expect it is really amazing to me. Technically it's almost true because there's a two-parter instead of a three-parter, but it's an amazing prediction. Great job.

    Thanks for reading.
    Given how adamantly you defend certain Pokemon, I'm surprised I don't see you defending your favorite character given how much he get's bashed on sites like Serebii.
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