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  • I'm hoping the Oblivious ability can counter this auto-charm ability. If it does, I'm seriously considering having a Mamoswine on my Moon team.
    Hey, El_, it's been a long time. I'm doing all right myself. :) Hope you're doing great, too.

    And thanks. Glad to know there's someone who recognizes my avatar. ;)
    I'm mostly excited about Sun/Moon and will probably get both versions. I'm relieved the plot looks more interesting than X/Y's plot. Also they haven't been spamming us with mega evolutions lol.

    By the way, did you want your N icon again? I still have it saved on my computer.
    Does alchemy explain Lunala at all?

    The island challenge does sound like a potentially interesting take on the badge quest. I can't help but wonder if "being sacrificed to the gods" is going to be a plot point.
    Does alchemy explain Lunala at all?
    Quite possibly a reasonable explanation for the Ghost typing: Ugh... I can't seem to post links, but in ancient times the moon was seen a a repository for the soul after death Honestly, I will admit this is rather loose, but GameFreak could have simply conflated the theme(s). That information came from the book: The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy. (lol perhaps they read it)
    Say, it seems like I haven't seen you around much, until more recently. And never really had any conversations with you. :/

    What's up?
    Oh yeah, that whole alternate universe thing. I keep forgetting about that. I wonder how popular Mega Evolution turned out to be. I guess we'll see once we start hearing about Gen VII.

    I've heard about that Oculus Rift...holy crap. It looks like it would take some getting used to. I can't even deal with the 3D feature on the 3DS lol. But yeah, Nintendo's regular consoles haven't been doing well. It seems like they're stagnating, especially when they went from the Wii to the Wii U (not much difference between the two consoles).
    Well good luck with school!

    It's just annoying that they make Mega Evolution a huge part of the plot when it's not even necessary to win against whoever is using it. It's really pointless when I can still OHKO the other Pokemon even after they've mega-evolved. I hope Gamefreak stops phoning it in with the plot...they did have something great with B/W's plot, but then the sequel mess happened. What do you mean by Virtual Reality experience revolution?

    I guess I'm sort of still active? I still visit the forums on a regular basis...I just don't post nearly as much as I used to.
    Hey! Yeah I'm alright, how about you?

    I guess Gen VI is okay...I'm just sick of all the Mega Evolution crap. I really hope it doesn't make it to Gen VII, or at least it won't be part of the plot.
    You're welcome, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, it was very much a one time thing. If it was up to me, we'd be KuviraGarden all year long :( User participation with April Fool's is hard because we like it to be a surprise. But thank you so much! Also I felt so rude all day I am not as mean as Kuvira and I just wanted to apologize after every post haha
    I really hope Gamefreak isn't under the delusion that formes are the only way to make a Pokemon more interesting. If they've latched on that tightly to the concept of formes, then it will eventually kill the franchise.
    I'm just really annoyed that now suddenly Gamefreak want formes to mean something. Uh yeah, good luck to them, I guess. They should've thought about that two generations ago.
    If Éclair Forme really is related to enlightenment, then I could certainly see it gaining a secondary type related to quintessence. Actually, I've been saying for a while now that Mew should gain such a type (without a Forme), too.
    A possible stat spread for Éclair Forme: 106/90/90/144/90/160

    Basically just removing 20 Attack points and 10 Special Attack points in favor of Speed. Mewtwo is already one of the fastest Pokémon, but this would make it faster than Deoxys' Normal and Attack Formes as well as Choice Scarf versions of most legendaries. Game Freak could go all the way and make it faster than Speed Forme and faster Choice Scarf legendaries, but would it be worth it? I wouldn't terribly mind seeing its base stat total increased to 700, but I don't think it would be justified story-wise.
    I really enjoyed reading some of your ideas about the possible Norse mythology behind X and Y! (I'm a Greek mythology buff myself and never got around to learning Norse, so it's fascinating to learn about it in regards to the greatest thing in the world - pokemon! ^0^)

    It would be amazing if GF have thought it through half as much as you did. Here's hoping.
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