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  • I just saw U quoted one of my messages and I was thinking what? But it's all good and was about the fossil Pokemon so yeah. BTW I do like the avatar cuz I do like me some gen 5!
    Thank you very much for what you said in your post in the Coro Coro thread, it made me feel pretty good. In the past I haven't always been the most mature or thought enough about what I said before I've said it, and I'm also prone to feeling attacked and taking things personally until I calm down enough to think things through better, I've had infractions and warnings, but I try to learn from my mistakes.
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    You're very welcome! I know I was speaking truth because seconds later I got a very unpleasantmessage from another member - I guess she didn't dare say it publically, lol. I don't like rudeness or cowardice, so I reported it.

    And I meant what I said; I think it's always good when someone can express a negative opinion in a reasonable way. I hate when anyone gets shut down for no reason, and honestly the personal remarks in that thread made me very uncomfortable. Don't know why the mods didn't step in.
    Ah i see, sorry for coming of as intrusive. I was just worried that my post incommode you. But now that this has been cleared up i completely understand you. Hope whatever problems you may had were solved or there exists solution on horizon for them being fixed out.
    If i said something wrong or inappropriate i would like to take this opportunity and apologize.

    It could be nothing but judging by being ignored im suspecting how i might had offended you unintentionally.
    Thank you very much for the kind words and friend request : D Yeah, I think that Norse is a possibility and is very interesting, though the theories I'm seeing around here about Artemis and Apollo are also very intriguing, what do you make of it? I would love Greco myths as much as Norse, and its even very possible they are based on Celtic myth as well.

    I'm hoping so as well, any of those myths have a lot of potential in the games.
    Someone answered in the Meloetta! topic, and said it was for B/W and the sequels. I'm assuming it's for both, since the first Meloetta they distributed was exclusive to B2/W2.
    Awe. That sounds cool. I'd like ta see them. I have 3 dachshunds and a dachshund Labrador mix. I'll probably put some pictures on my computer sometime. Hm... I'm not sure... I do like wolves a lot, ocelots, bats, rats, and crows for some reason. I just think that they're very mysterious and intelligent. How about yours?

    Yeah, I like Arcanine. Are you more of a dog person, a cat person, or both?
    Awesome! I like dog Pokemon. Speaking of, do you have any pets?

    Yeah, I can't wait. Yup, I've picked up a little, too. Awesome, thanks!
    I can't wait either :D !! That's a hard one.... Ghastly and their evolutions, but as far as pure ghost Shuppet and Banette. My favorite Psychic is obviously Mewtwo, with Mew as a close 2nd. For dark my favorite's Houndour and Houndoom, and my favorite pure dark would be Zorua and Zoroark. How about yours?

    Awesome XD . I really should learn Japanese sometime. It's my favorite language :p .
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