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  • Which is why I was gonna EM it, but if since you don't want it oh well I'll write for one.
    So your renting Omastar for your gym and I'm renting Abomasnow for my gym. I have the one you are rented and you have the one I'm renting want to trade?
    Probably not any of those, and definitely not two of them. I prefer each of them to Pinsir.
    Uh I could be in the future but I'll probably wait a bit before I think about applying for Dewford/any gym lol, will get back to you if I do need some tho!
    Depends what you want, I don't want to buy a lot for it and I saw yours has a lot of EMs.
    Also I'm in need of that Abomasnow of yours any chance you would part ways with it for a mart mon with tms?
    I want to challenge your gym, we can do it over the forum or aim, pls let me know what's a good time for you.
    OK, I should get the stone when wages come. What are the prices for Medicham and Lickilicky though (if they're still available and you want a TM Case)
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