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  • Yo Ely says that I should message you here instead of the weird conversation thing. I'm willing to buy Litwick and Riolu, if either are still UFT. Message me here or on Discord!
    We can do it at some point while I'm there, don't have to wait for me to get back. I get back on the 21st but will be jet lagged and then move back into school on the 23rd.
    Definitely wont happen before I leave, I leave on Tuesday lol that's 2 days away. If you see me online after that just send me an IM.
    Yeah, dude, that list looks good. I'll post in trades and mention you when I've bought it all.
    Ah! I wish you the best of luck with all of home and family matters right now! You have a very good attitude - just keep pushing onwards!

    I've been good :) quiet paradise life at home, part-time internship on the side, waking up and writing like I really like. which is so nice!
    Been a while, Reaper! Nice to see you too!

    Things have been pretty boring but also crazy with school as it nears the end of the semester. Calm enough to come back to URPG though! How have you been?
    Aw man, I am so sorry! I've gotten busy and wasn't able to do park stuff! Don't worry, I'll on my park runs as soon as I can. It'll just take me a while(There are a few other people in line in front of you on I take care of them then I can do yours!)
    Hey man sorry I forgot to reply to this.

    I'd rather not trade it lol, but if you really wanted it I would consider trading for roughly its value in EMs.
    Hey! I posted in the Trading thread and tagged you! Be sure to buy those TMs for Glioscr and post!
    I wouldn't mind trading abomasnow for a Mart Pokemon, but it would have to have a real lot of TMs on it.

    Aboma has 12 EMs plus is a Medium Pokemon plus I'd trade you the Abomasnowite too, so it would probably be like 20 or so EMs
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