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  • His post was troll, but at the same time he did have a legit question. Granted, it didn't need it's own thread, but he did it and got the answer. Yours doesn't need an answer, yours was a message post, not anything up for discussion. Look, I'm tired of going back and forth about this. If you still want to deal with it talk to another mod, maybe they will have a different opinion.
    This is the board to bring up important topics for discussion. It’s like a suggestion but major topics only. You can take crimes to court also.

    That is in the section. Your thread didn't meet that criteria, at all. Sometimes threads/posts get out of hand and the mods handle it. Your thread doesn't contribute to that other than what is normally done. Your message is fine, but it doesn't warrant it's own thread in the trainer's court.
    A different mod(monbrey) chose to leave it open and responded. If you want to put your message out, either post in the general thread or I can move it to the general thread.
    Deleted your thread, not really the place to put it. If you wish to relay your thoughts about that specific topic it would have been better for you to post in the general thread.
    Wild Battle Notification appeared!

    It is your send in this battle.

    ~Morru's Pidgey Courier
    What do you think of Trip getting beat (in a very unbelievable manner) in Round 1? I'm sure you'll agree that he was nowhere close to the rival that I was to Ash xD
    Sorry, I've just been really swamped with makeup work lately. I just got back into school after being sick all last week...
    lol, it's cool, and it certainly was a surprise to come on BMGf to 25 notifications :U

    And thanks! Been 17 since the 14th of last month woop
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