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  • Tell me if I should stop leaving comments.

    I made Harumi allergic to Liechi berries. I thought it would be interesting.

    I'm currently in the Silverton Ranges. I want to find some good ice types.
    Leaving profile comments is entertaining...

    Let's sing Nik Kershaw at full volume!

    And he don't like sunshine and he don't like ice cream
    and he don't like sundays and he don't like dancing
    and he don't like your face
    and he won't die laughing
    Aargh... I haven't received a reply to my test... I know the updaters have outside lives, but the suspense is killing me!

    I know I would never get tests done if I had to do them. I admire the updaters.

    Okay, now I'm trying to pass a fourth time. Have fun in the roleplay!
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