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  • This is a bit random, but, did you animate all of the gen 8 humpy sprites and, if so, do you happen to know the frame duration for them? I was making some humpy sprites but found that I was unable to match their, uh, bouncing frequency to that of the already existing sprites. Thanks so much.
    empoleon dynamite
    Um, I don’t have access to my laptop at the moment but I think it’s 0.18 seconds per frame. The sprites look awesome by the way ^^ and congrats on the win, thought it was well deserved.
    That seems to be the right speed. Thank you so much!
    Hey, I added your FC. Hope that's alright. Mine is 5086-2155-5524. I have a water safari with Bibarel, Wartortle, and Frogadier. :)
    hey I got my 3DS back from nintendo, Lost all my data but if you could add me that would help. thank you. my FC 1306-5694-6760
    Hey I have a Normal Friend safari my pokemon are Teddiursa, Loudred and Chansey My friend code is 1349-5405-7196. Please Add me I have already added you
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but my Y data crashed and I can't play it anymore, so I haven't been in the best moods and yes I am the same Venom from back in the old league days.
    Sorry for skipping that, lol. I don't know if you read my page correctly, I already had both Japanese Gulpin and Foongus at the very least (the text that pops up for them just means I haven't copied the Pokédex entry over yet) - gray ones are what I'm missing.
    Hey I saw you have an eevee safari I was wondering if you would mind adding me. btw i just finished breeding treeckos and have a few spares if you still need one.
    I'll hop on then, oh and my ign is Elsie so I don't catch you by surprise or anything of the like. :p
    I'll take the female dratini since I want the ability. And do you need my FC? It's 4554-1270-5039.
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