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  • I have never said this to anyone, I wouldn't even bother going into another person's profile, but I have to say, I love your signature!!
    Did you make it yourself?
    hey,ur time n mine is the same.GMT +8,rite?where are u from??btw,I want the Timid Eevee (n/n Shockna).Tell me if we can trade now.I'm AeZ 3566-8383-0413.I'm giving u a Charmander.
    Well first you need a computer that can do Wi Fi Connection then get your Friend Code from the worker people at the downstairs Pokemon Center
    Heh you are like my friend he really likes Bulbasaur and doesn't like Charmander but the pokemon back then did look cute and cuddly in first form
    Good to know there even though I'm not really a Bulbasaur fan but my friend is

    Can you guess who's on the avatar?
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