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  • Currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews. Could you please provide a quote for the Pidgeot family and the Deerling family?
    I'd like to add you.
    I have already added you.
    My Fc is 1590-5797-6050 and my safari is Steel with Ferroseed, Skarmory, and Excadrill. Thanks!
    Hey I have a Normal Friend safari my pokemon are Teddiursa, Loudred and Chansey My friend code is 1349-5405-7196. Please Add me I have already added you
    Hey man, I added you for Friend Safari. If you want to add me back the code is 1263-6067-9967. And the name's Jay. Have a good one!
    One disadvantage I could see with the immunity to powders is that the other notable group that uses them are Bug-types, most users who have an advantage offensively. Overcoat and Safety Goggles also exist that does similar things, although it could be argued that both took up an item/ability.

    Do you know that Chesnaught has Spikes as an Egg Move? That would actually be helpful.

    For Gogoat, I could see a Bulk Up set becoming quite good, since it has the stats to work well. As for Grass Pelt, since it is a defensive ability, maybe it would be more useful when it increases both defences instead.

    For Florges not being a Grass-type, I predict that they don't want it to share type disadvantages with other Grass-types, so that's why that didn't happen.

    Some other maybe important stuff:
    - Flower Veil (Florges' ability)
    - Forest's Curse (Trevenant's signature move)
    - Whimsicott the Fairy
    What do you think of this Gen's Grass-type improvements? Here's a rundown on some stuff:
    - Energy Ball increased to 90 BP
    - Petal Blizzard, a 90 BP Grass-type Earthquake (too bad it's learned by Special-based attackers)
    - Rototiller
    - Flower Shield
    - Grassy Terrain
    - Grass Pelt
    - The new Grass-type Pokemon
    Well, Bulbapedia is my main source, actually. From there, I would take a look at certain stuff for things to write, such as Wikipedia (to look for some interesting stuff about the subject) and something I find on Google. There are times when I wanted to confirm what I know about the thing that Pokemon is based on using Google. Competitive stuff would be from Smogon, because they are experienced battlers, so they know what works in practice.

    Also yeah, we got two Ghost/Grass lines this time, which is a surprise because normally there will only be one type for every dual-type Ghost-type. Finally we have a Pokemon who can use Ghost Curse and Leech Seed at the same time, and movepool-wise, they are quite good. Egg Moves are still a mystery (only known are Pumpkaboo getting Disable & Destiny Bond, and Phantump getting Bestow), so here's hoping for good things!

    I am also pleasantly surprised that Gourgeist could use Fire moves, although the lack of Flash Fire is a missed opportunity. Sure, Pickup is great in-game, but if it has Flash Fire, Gourgeist would be an essential for a Mono-Grass team. I am sure it will have Fire Punch, which would be great. I do wish that Gourgeist have higher Special Attack because it has a promising Special movepool.

    By the way, I updated my avatar to animated Pumpkaboo (because the source I took this pic from has a watermark on Gourgeist).
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