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  • Awh ok well if you need me for a pokemon, just let me know, least I can do after doing this for me :)
    Im in the room now :)
    Just checked, I dont have one on my black. But I have some on my diamond, unfortunately I wont have access to my diamond till tomorrow cause Im at my cousins house :( I could trade you for that tomorrow? Can it be any nickname or one you want?
    Is that 2pm your time not 5pm my time? It's 8pm here now?

    It says I cant send you any more pms till you delete some
    Hey I cant remember if I added your fc or not, what is it again? Ill be free to trade ant anytime tonight if you can :)
    Ugh, tell me about it. If it's not the "Level 9 and Under" crap, it's a super rare level 100. What a freaking pain. >.<
    Oh yeah, I have a ton of "normal" Automatons. In fact, I was able to grab two last night: a cute little hatchling Golett and a level 100 Golurk. I just have so many that I've lost count. (But they are cute....)
    Sorry... I've been traveling and stuff, so it's hard to use the Internet, let alone Wi-fi... I'll talk to you when I get into a hotel room, alright?
    Hmm. We seem to be having some communication problems. Tell you what, I'm going to go out and come back in. Don't go anywhere!
    Welp, I'm all set and waiting. Got here early this time so as to avoid what happened yesterday. I'm ready when you're ready.

    I'm actually going to be away for a bit, but I'll be back around 8.

    Okies, I'm back now, though I might be a little slow to respond.
    Hmm, that should work. Don't worry too much about being late; as long as you're ready by 5:30-ish (your time), we should be fine. After that, though, I'm heading back up to school, where the Wi-fi won't work with my 3DS.
    I'm so sorry, I completely forgot. I am here now, if you're still ready. I'm in the room now, but I can't see you. Are you still there? *facepalm*
    Welp, I'm around today. I don't know of any plans we might have, though of course that could change. For now, though, I'm not going anywhere, so let me know when you're ready.
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