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  • I'd like to ask a question about your graphics shop. Pardon me if this sounds stupid or offensive, but...

    Is it possible for you to work from scratch? Say, if I provided a very detailed description of exactly what I want to request, would it be possible for you make it without deriving the main picture from existing images?
    And Felly, I used the Electric background for the M.A.S.S. Member group picture. It shows a lot of my work.
    Dude! The backgrounds are top notch! I love them ALL!!!! I'm gonna put these on the first post so people can see these! I'll try to get the word on the shop about these backgrounds. THANK YOU!!! :D
    It would be cool if we did backgrounds for the types. Like maybe snow for Ice type, Thunderstrom for Lightning type etc. (I think you may have already mentioned this).
    Yeah, that's a great idea! I could see it now... Cool sprites with awesome backgrounds... I like it... Maybe we can have like certain background options, and then I could add them when I finish the sprite!
    I'll do the same, and leave an announcement of the pairing of our shops. One of the ideas I had in minds is your backgrounds. They're cool, and I'm planning on making Trainer Cards soon, and they wouldn't look so bad for them. And maybe there's some way my sprites could help out, or just my editing. I use a unique way to make my sprites, that can even color artwork and the like. Well if you can think of some ideas to help each other, that would be great! ^^ Thanks!
    Sure! I asked the other guy for WBG help, and I love your sigs, so hmmm... It would be great to have you! BTW I love your sigs, and still use the one you made for me!
    Hello there. Thank you for the awesome banner that you made. However, I'm having a bit of trouble putting it into my sig. Can you tell me how?
    hello, i left a post at your graphics shop if you are still interested in doing it. Didn't know if you were actively monitering it or not.
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