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  • grief! Its been aaaages :) how are you doing? and yeah, on facebook, twitter, and such. if they're any good to you?
    Yeah, I haven't regretted the decision since going to college yet, so that's always good. It's a still a good college, just doesn't have the history that of U-M has.
    Actually pretty fun. The course isn't too difficult, I've been learning quite a bit. Nice thing is we got accredited, which means I can transfer some college credits.
    The senior class last year (they were juniors then) had some very strong individuals academically. They pushed for it and got college credit via the nearby community college, but they took it at school (one of our teachers has a PhD in physics and extensive mathematics/computer science abilities, so he was qualified. Not the norm at my school, unfortunately). This year, about three other students and I wanted to take it, but there weren't enough other students that wanted it. Basically, we can take the course and essentially "self-study" it, but we don't get college credit. At this stage, I'm more of taking it for the fun of it.
    At this stage, I'm only taking AP Literature, AP Government, and AP Computer Science. I'm taking Multivariable Calculus too, but it's not technically an AP. Should be fun.
    Discrete math actually does sound like a lot of fun. It's one of the classes I actually want to take after I'm out of high school.

    I hope it's as fun as I think it is! :)
    Yep, finished school last week. I'm doing a research internship at a nearby university. It's some pretty cool stuff, but right now it's a lot of reading papers and learning the mathematics.
    Yeaaah I dropped out of the batting spectrum a while back. Too much real life and not enough Generation IV for me.
    I am doing well. I graduated in April and now preparing for an entrance exam in June, which will put me in a good post-grad program!

    Which course are you looking at?
    I was thinking about going into physics, but I'm not 100% sure. I mean, I love the subject, and doing research seems like a fun idea, but I was also thinking about going into criminology or getting a private investigator license. They're really different, but for some reason both areas fascinate me.
    Do you have any career plans post college solidified?
    I feel like the reason I end up taking them is more of a "because everyon else does," which is really a stupid reason. I don't really like the AP system because it's not comparable to a real college course, so I can see why universities wouln't offer credit. Do you know what you want to major in once you transfer?
    Hard to forget, I remember you were one of the scariest battlers around.

    Yeah, junior chugging through AP Testing. I'll be relieved to wrap up the year.
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