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  • I actually meant the wrestler Raven, a.k.a. Scott Levy. Oh, and I have a one-shot focusing on Sabrina in my new one-shot thread!
    ...I'm not gonna disagree with you on Punk. Anyway, I asked because I came up with the perfect gimmick for Sabrina that's really a mix of two others: a depressed loner (Raven) who feels unfairly prejudiced against due to being psychic (Muhammad Hassan, though replace "psychic" with "Muslim").
    I try, I try. Taking things in a completely different direction, are you into pro wrestling at all? If so, what (human) Pokemon characters do you think would best fit some gimmicks?
    I'll definitely try to read it if I can! :3

    And no worries, it's fine. I'm actually kinda flattered.
    Ah. Oh, hopefully you can arrange that soon.

    Fair enough. Huh, so essentially declaring ownership of your depression as a response to, and a sign of your fighting past, it. Deep indeed!
    Ah, right. Those are nice tattoos, pretty well done. I would imagine the fingers are sensitive places, however. Also, at risk of sounding oblivious, why spell "ghost"?
    Eh, nothing much. I finished my fic, and I'm gonna start writing one-shots with the characters soon.
    Late reply as usual, but it's an interesting username. Might I ask what inspired it?
    Almost forgot to reply to this, ehe. Nothing much, really. Things are pretty calm and quiet.
    Ah, ok. I wish you luck.

    I see. Oh, posh accents are always fun to play with, ehe.
    Ah. Well, boring but stable is better than some alternatives. That's good to hear. Always nice to finally settle in somewhere. Huh, that's a shame. Do you think you might rent outside storage?

    Oh, that sounds entertaining, indeed. I might have found a new toy myself. :3
    Yeah, I'm feeling better today. I'm still not happy about it though. You might get more of an insight by reading my blog about it. Right now i'm in distract mode because i don't think i can deal.
    what rabbit said. but i hope the rest of ur bdays are good, and i hope u have/had a good day today.
    Ah... It's on your profile, and it shows up on a list of birthdays on the bottom of the main page.
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