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  • I thought it didn't made much money due to the paranoia regarding the shooting at Colorado. The ending is suppose to be the conclusion to the Nolan films as we're not sure whether or Bruce Wayne is dead or not, kinda like Inception's mindscrew ending.
    Then I have no idea where one of friend's friend has heard about the fourth movie. She said that Nolan himself said it in his interview.
    I have a question if I want to put Pokemon the Movie 14: Black and White Dual Pack in Pokémon News from Bulbanews would it be ok to just post it as is or do I need to fill some form out?
    So I hear that Deadpool is getting his own game. Activision better not screw this up, because he's my favorite Marvel character.
    Yeah. There was info floating around from Comic Con about it, and I've been reading the forums for the game. Currently, no word on whether or not they will include Namor.

    The game is also found at Playdom.com.
    Phoenix Five! I've been playing Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook, and Emma and Magik are two new characters to be added in the coming weeks. They will also get their AvX costumes along with Cyclops and Colossus who are already in the game. So, I've been doing character research over at the Marvel wiki.
    Okay, I was told I should ask you about a claim a video game character thread. This won't include Pokemon characters since there's going to be a thread for that. I thought of it since there's a claim a video game thread. There's a bunch of these claim threads already though, so I'm thinking this should be the last one. How about it? :D
    Since your the head of Entertainment Inc., can I have permission to open a new claim thread?
    "Claim A Video Game Thread". Basically, a thread where you can claim any video game, including Pokemon.
    Not much to it, really, but please reply! =D
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