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  • Hey there. Would you be ok to open the 'post new discussion' in your Star Wars social group to the public? That would be awesome, thanks.
    no probs :) the main reason was...one, my pokemon are ev'd, you should both look them up, they're vital, and two..i used good strategy, like having draco meteor AND roar of time is appauling :/ and not having a groudon with stone edge is also shocking haha
    having said that i did just realise that i forgot to include one of the best members of my team :/ but ah well :) ah ha
    sorry i was away
    im here now :)
    dont worry, your just going to pleased with how i do ah ha
    my friend code is on my profile :) in my about me
    i'll be online in about 5 mins
    rayquaza's still a legendary, but yeah sure i'll battle him if you like :)
    give me his code and a time and i'll do my best ;)
    well they took a lot of work haha
    im working on a new one, you can see it in the rate my teams thread
    you know if you want to get into competitive battling, i can help you come up with a team :)
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