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  • Hey Rayne, long time no see. Hope you're doing well.
    Thanks! Congrats on your position, you guys are keeping the place in top form. Decided to drop by after seeing @Ryuutakeshi come back
    Proxima Centauri B
    Proxima Centauri B
    haha thanks. Yeah its pretty exciting here, with Sun and Moon happening. Looking forward to news soonish
    Did I happen to spot a god posting on the forum just now? :O
    Say Whaaaaaat

    I'm just a regular Joe Schmo.
    Not from where I come, you aren't. ;D
    Ah! Yeah, I wasn't really doing anything but I lurked. So, yeah, by activity levels I was gone.

    Wow! Master's? Do tell! And congrats! I'm wrapping up my first year at uni! And I'm in the same boat, again. Haha. I got interested in the series again and started posting again.
    Huh? I'm not really back per se. Then again, I never left. I just kinda lurk now. Talk occasionally. Although, its nice to see you! I haven't seen you around much lately! So welcome back! How have you been?

    Thanks for the kind words Rayne. It means a lot to me. ;w;
    I'll always remember to do so :D
    the only secret is the catnip I sneak into their coffee...
    I will add you for now - don't worry, there will be a couple of days for everyone to confirm their spots so you will know when the game is up. :3
    Rayne, I finished a mafia game, and likely I'll join the queue soon, so that I can get this game moving at late September to early October. :3c

    Are you interested in joining by chance? If you're more free around that time :3c
    I just listened to Wonderwall (I haven't heard of their songs ;w;) and the beginning does remind me of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but I honestly think that if you hadn't mentioned it, I would find it that similar. XD
    Still, that mix really is interesting :D

    I understand, there's a charm of leaving longer messages behind and having a certain period of time before exchanging messages. It makes me put more thought into writing messages. Quick exchanges of messages are convenient and sometimes it's needed, but e-mail like messages aren't that bad :3
    I actually like AIM more - more online messengers are available for it - but seems Skype is more used now XD

    I hope you had fun in that game. I'm sure everyone would be looking forward to you coming back soon :3c
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