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  • Hi! Just to let you know that I merged your thread with the relevant Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread. Please remember that general questions belong in the relevant simple questions thread.
    Hi! If you ever want to delete a post (such as an accidental double post) click "Edit Post", then "Delete" and fill in a reason for deletion if you like.
    Oh, and another thing, don't even insinuate that I must be gay just because of the fact that I actually respect women rather than viewing them as sex objects. I am heterosexual. Don't ask why I know that, since that will bring up some stuff about my past that I do not want to mention (people will most likely think of me as being a hypocrite if I even mention it.). Just know that I'm heterosexual.
    "weedle, just out of curiosity why exactly do u hate playboy? do u hate playgirl as well?"

    I hated playboy because it just demeans females. And yes, I do hate playgirl as well. Heck, I actually hate it even more than Playboy, seeing how I get extremely horrified if I see a man naked even more than a girl being naked.

    BTW, next time, can you please set up a PM account?
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