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  • Ditto regarding the weather. It was actually raining when I had to go on a long drive this past Saturday night.

    Aside from that, not a whole lot going on. Work takes up a lot of time, and working on the mafia game I'm hosting also takes a decent amount of effort. I am having fun hosting, though, and the plus side is, I actually get to do stuff and survive through a game. Well, technically I died of food poisoning on Night 0, but that's besides the point.
    I'm doing a project on analyzing the hero's journey across a long running franchise (most people chose star wars, call of duty, halo, while one person chose the pokemon games, and I chose fire emblem) with that info, I could look up the characters on the FE wiki, and then use said wiki to gather info for my project.
    I know right? xD but that puzzle took me a whole two hours to figure that damn thing out. And I agree, so much. Even the Lakebed Temple has it's pluses. I especially like the Arbiter's Grounds boss. That's true about the spinner and ball and chain, they're awesome :3 It really sheds light on the lore of the dungeon itself. Taking a second glance at the music though, I kind of agree. But you gotta admit that the Midna's Desperate Hour music was awesome. :D

    I don't remember much about the reekfish or Illia...It's been so long since I played the game D: I should play it again, or maybe wait until they hypothetically announce TP HD.
    Oh come on, at least give it an 8 for effort. :U

    Collectibles as in your B-button items, or collectibles as in your fishing book? I have the Wii version as well...I've heard the 'Cube version is "better" but I'm a fan of motion controls, dammit, so I don't really care anyway. Skyward Sword, in my opinion, took all of the things they did with the motion combat in Twilight Princess, and made them better. You can't just aimlessly swing the sword around to defeat enemies, and most of the combat/item system is based off of that. I used to hate the game for that reason, but it's grown on me. What other Zelda games have you played? in hi-def!
    Oh my gosh, the literally took me an hour to catch a fish, and then another hour to give the fish to the cat.... xD Do you have it for Wii or GameCube? And (believe it or not) I like Skyward Sword's combat the best, when it works, but TP is a close second. You'll eventually discover why I say that. Midna's probably my favorite Zelda character, beating out Ravio and ss!Zelda.

    It's hard to reveal how much I love the game without revealing upcoming events/scenes/dungeons/items. I will say that despite it being somewhat bland, the overworld is pretty awesome symbolically.

    Also, fishing is but one of the chores of completing the game to 100%. :/
    they should do like Atelier games do, where you can whack an enemy that's substantially weaker than you and they die instantly without a battle

    OMG NO I DIDN'T NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS TRAGIC STORY that is honestly painful just to read... It's like the Shiny Scraggy wanted to avoid being caught so bad that it rigged it so it would die instead... Honestly, I probably wouldn't have got back on the game for like a month if that happened, I'd be too frustrated lol.

    The air schedule for Sonic Boom is (ironically) SO SLOW, and it goes on such long hiatuses... I've seen probably 3/4 of the episodes though! I try to catch them when they're On Demand to record, so sometimes I miss them if I forget to check for a while. The show is so great though, "Hedgehog Day" and "Sole Power" are my favorite episodes. Which ones have you seen?

    Level 95 out of 99... did you have to level grind a lot to get there, or is it not too bad with all the sidequests? Definitely fun to be able to steamroll through a final boss fight though. XD Hopefully the superbosses make for a more exciting fight then with their higher levels!

    Yikes, that sounds like the most frustrating reason for higher level enemies being tough to beat. One use of Sand-Attack in Pokemon and I get angry, but dealing with constant high evasion is like 1000x worse lol. At least you get a bonus if you manage to beat it, that would be kinda lame to not get anything extra for going through the effort.

    I'll keep it in mind when I'm in a gag anime mode! But yeah, I only thought about watching Yuki Yuna because I saw it on the side for an interview with the director on AnimeNewsNetwork, and the reception in the comments sounded really good, so I figured it'd probably be something I'd like if it's thematically like PMMM apparently.
    I see, that does sound useful, particularly about the warnings on when to dodge! Also, games that share EXP across the whole party are GODSENDS, that is so nice in games with many party members. Otherwise, it's just so hard to start using a character you haven't had in the active team for a while. And that Skill Link with the critical 2x attack + healing sounds great!

    Speaking of superbosses, how was the final boss difficulty-wise? Are the superbosses known for being frustratingly hard?

    Ahh, yeah I think of him as he looks in Smash so I envision him as a bishounen, made even worse by the fact that he's like my secondary main. XD Maybe when the next Smash comes out... in like 7-8 years haha - there will be another XC rep, though XCX might kill the chances for anyone from the regular XC I guess.

    Passing the torch on to the next generation of 3DSes...

    Oh, I can definitely see them being better from afar than upclose, since the eyes are what really look strange imo and they'd be a lot less noticeable from afar. Though in an RPG with cutscenes and all, not sure how good that is, but maybe it looks better in motion than it does in screenshots.

    you read me like a book

    Ohh, I've never heard of that anime! Sounds entertaining though, trying to see what references you can catch is fun in those type of shows! Next show I'll probably watch though is a legit magical girl show, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, which I've heard is really good. Might feel kind of strange to jump from a parody to the real deal right after each other though lol.
    Ohh, so they actually affect battle too? What does boosted affinity do in battle, like higher critical hit chance with characters you've had more events with, or something like that? That's a pretty decent New Game +, sounds like most all of the most useful things to carry over are included! if only levels carried over in FFX-2 new game +, I miss my level 99 party

    YEAH, nevermind, I can see why he didn't say it to Shulk then lol. Wow, that's honestly shocking, guess you can't judge a book by its cover then. XD

    Your poor old 3DS, it must feel so betrayed ;_; That's true, I didn't think about how a big world like in that game would look on a smaller screen... In general I actually prefer a smaller screen on the 3DS (why, I don't know, but I do for some reason lol), but probably should think about what games I'd be playing on it. I found the character designer for X at least, and he's not the guy who did the Star Ocean ones apparently. XC had multiple character designers from what I can tell, and Kunihiko Tanaka was one of them, but he seems to be the sole designer for X.


    aLSO NOOO En is way better than Sailor Mercury because he is lazy but brilliant and had some of the funniest scenes in the show (the whole show was great tbh, really entertaining and really good at parodying a lot of the magical tropes even down to the pacing of the show itself)
    The "Heart-to-Heart" moments sound like a nice touch, and not affecting the ending actually sounds like a good thing. Speaking of the ending, is there a "New Game +" type feature for this game? Or any sort of bonus for going back through it for another playthrough?

    WOW I bet Shulk doesn't get called a sissy even though he's a bishounen lol. Interesting though, I'd have guessed from looking at Kallian's character design that he'd be an antagonist rather than supporting character...

    That's... kind of hilarious that the AI tries to get her up close to the enemies. XD Maybe the developers did it on purpose as a hint that it would be best to manually control her. Elemental Summoner sounds like a cool specialization though, reminds me of some classes I enjoyed in FF Tactics Advance! And sounds like so much good character development and writing in general that nearly the entire party gets their time and some good scenes. almost to the extent that it's weird for a Nintendo published game lol

    OHH RIGHT, I forgot the regular New 3DS was coming out over here! Maybe I'll try to weasel my way into getting one of those at Christmas, I like the regular a lot more than the XL so it'd work out. also my analog stick on my current 3DS takes a beating from Story of Seasons and Smash, might need a replacement anyway ahaha... Yeah, it probably just takes some getting used to the difference in style between XC and X. Was it the same character designer for both games though? Actually, I'll have to look up if they did the designs for SO: The Last Hope too... That sums it up well with the increased realism, I didn't think about it before, but yeah, that's probably the best way to describe it.

    true... skype is like tumblr though in that every update seems to make it worse lol
    Whoa, you really zipped through that game quick! Especially when it seems like it has so much content wow! All games should have every party member be actually useful like that, it makes so much more sense than having some be the obviously-not-so-good party member. like Amarant was in FFIX imo That song is really nice, the beginning kind of reminds me of something that could play in Gundam 00 actually, but the quieter part I remember being in the medley from Smash Bros (the Wii U version at least)!

    White-haired Noel... count me in... The girl's design is nice too, I'm guessing she's like a healer-type party member?

    Oh man, you had me excited there for a sec when you said it was on the eShop lol. I'd actually wanted the game even before you started playing it, but the copies are SUPER EXPENSIVE here for Wii everywhere I've looked and for some reason, NA eShop Virtual Console releases always seem to be way behind Europe (Sacred Stones for instance came out like at least 3 months later). It'll probably come out here at some point though, I'll have to snatch it up then. XD Xenoblade Chronicles X doesn't appeal to me as much because the graphics look really... weird... I dunno, something about the character design specifically in X reminds me way too much of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which was like uncanny valley-ish. ^^; Which is strange, since regular Xenoblade Chronicles looks fine to me both in-game and official art-wise, not sure why X gives me such a different impression.

    (the Wii U is in my room, so no problems about hogging the TV or combat being too loud XD)

    twitter I can't even get to let me type in the private messages thing, I don't know why, but when I type, it starts to delete from the beginning
    WOW, that's great that it was worth the New 3DS!! How far into it are you now?

    WAIT I FORGOT SHE DID THE SOUNDTRACK ahhhh her work is always amazing in any video game...
    I see. I should have paid more attention on D1 in the first place.

    Hm, okay. That seems like a really good idea. People were making lists and stuff in the Mafia helped eliminate some of the confusion I had while searching the thread for information. Paranoia as in not trusting a single person...makes sense.

    Thank you so much! :)
    Besides more post toast, as Leggo puts it, what are some other things I can do to better myself as a mafia player?
    Maybe not, but I should have avoided it. Being completely honest, if I hadn't targeted you and if the "masons" hadn't illegally found out about it... I probably would have lasted longer. Godfathers are supposed to stick around for a while, I kinda failed at that.
    That said, for the most part, my Townie playing is exactly the same. I hunt out anything I find suspicious, call people out on it, and see what their reaction is. I'm not a very trusting individual, especially in games like mafia, so I probably won't ever trust you fully as a Townie until or unless you die and flip up Town, but the same is true about all the other players as well. I'm not the kind of person to claim unless I am absolutely certain of someone's allignment. Unless I am the Cop, or the Cop reaches out to me, I will keep my role to myself. Unless it is a situation of Life or Death.
    That said, heaven help people if you actually were to play as mafia, especially if you get Godfather...

    Oh well. Maybe next time I will continue my pattern and last until Day 3. Wouldn't that be exciting?
    As I said in thread, though, I really am not sore at all about dying. A) I made a pretty stupid mistake and followed it up with a stupider mistake (although, as I said, Jist's cop claim caught me off guard), B) I wasn't being voted off simply because ME the person was Trollish, as I was in Protagonist Mafia, and C) there actually were people who were genuinely surprised when I died and turned up scum, which meant I had done something right.

    Now, out of curiosity, if you had been in my shoes, what would you have done to have gotten out of it? Assuming Night 1 happened exactly the same and Jist's cop claim remained the same, but I hadn't yet claimed commuter...which was the nail in my coffin.
    Thanks for the review, HumanDawn. Yeah, there wasn't a whole lot of material to work with, and I kinda did make a pretty damn big mistake. I will do better next time!

    I look forward to either scum hunting with you or killing off Townies, whichever happens first.
    Thanks for that. I will try to cut those comments out. I think I am improving in Mafia games, I just need to improve my reads on people.
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