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  • But you were in the past for like 10 years, and spent the entire span of DP thinking she would appear. I'm sorry you wasted your time.
    Hi:) I just logged on this forums after 5 years since I was on last lol, I might come post here while Serebii lags. I was looking at my PM and saw a couple from yours and wanted to say hey. (I also got two weird PMs from two different people claiming they know I have sort virus, even more odd it was the beginning of this year I received it.. I haven't been on for five years and they joined this year, plus 4 other people they sent to haven't been on in five years either)
    True. In my school, most anime fans only watch anime that was shown on TV. I asked them if they ever heard about Slayers, Excel Saga, Saiyuki or Vandread. They didn't know what they were. lol
    Well I don't actually post there but it all depends on what boards you go to. /b/ is the lowest standard board and is like a warzone and if you want to desensitize yourself, you should go there. They have some funny threads though like "u raff u ruse" but a lot of that board is messed up. It also moves very fast and that's why they recently got 15 pages.

    They have text boards too like an interesting language board.

    Safest threads are the anime/cosplay/fashion/cooking/videogame threads... there may be more but those are the only ones aside from /b/ that I visit. They're also worksafe.
    I recommend a visit.
    How is 4chan anyways? I know it has a...reputation of sorts, but I'm curious towards getting a first-hand account of your experience there.
    Not Soara's actual drawings, but the fan oekaki. I remember there being a Suzuna section, but can't seem to find the link back to it. :<
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