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  • Hey. Just checking up on one of my original Adkom participants. How's life?

    And sign-ups are up for the 8th one if you're interested...
    Cool, I have been very busy lately too. I am so happy that you finally returned after a long absence. So where did you go for your vacation? It must have been really fun! I am going away for Christmas, so thats my vacation time.
    Turtwig is my favourite Pokemon because it reminds me of this time when I visited a water village. The river flowing by had turtles in it too, but because people used the water, it became dirty. I found one and it followed me, so I decided to look after it but because I couldn't take it with me on the aeroplane back home, I left it with my cousin. When Gen IV came out, I really liked Turtwig. So I chose it and kept it the way it was.

    Thanks for reading. So what aspect is your favourite about ninjas and samurai?
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