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  • How's life treating you? I love your Triforce avatar. ^^

    What Zelda games have you played? I've only played Skyward Sword and OoT.
    Uh... Hey Flame. Remember me? xD If you don't... Alex? That might remind you and if it doesn't I'm out of ways to do so.
    Hey, remember those Murder games you used to host back in the day?

    Well, I took heavy inspiration from those games and have crafted my own RP based on the theme, named Castle Vermiculus. I thought I would let you know, you having been the creator of the popular franchise and all, so feel free to have a look.
    In you were wondering, yes. I'm back, for real this time around, not just 'make a few posts then mysteriously vanish months at a time, I'm honestly back and I just have to tell you, I'm actally happy for the first time in weeks....
    It has its fans though. And yeah, I've planned out the roles and mechanics and everything. :p
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