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  • Well, it's funny, because I just got back from eating dinner. I'm not in a hurry to get it, though. So, when you're able to trade, let me know.
    Aaaah, sorry for not specifying! I meant the first non-league tournament, the tag battle in DP XD It seems to be what most people are comparing it to. And yeah, I agree with you on that. I could smell the cheapness of that battle even when I was little (seriously, a forfeit if the pokmon falls asleep? trollbias would have loved this). LOL Ash and his freebie badges. At least Barry made top 16 with only ONE freebie badge :p

    The vibe is very optimistic and happy, and the interactions are amazing...there's just no substance to me. It's like a wad of cotton candy - tasty, but not filling. I skipped most of Frontier because of the voice actors, but the majority of it didn't interest me anyways. I watched mainly for the contest arcs. My favorite saga is DP, almost purely for the Ash/Paul rivalry. Then Hoeen for May, then BW for Dento. I'm the type to stick around for just one or two characters, my bias shows XD
    The next gym is taking too long to appear. I hope it's not another sunyshore city situation by the end >_> I LOVED it when Shooti was finally put in his place...but then I had to remember: this was only a 1 vs. 1 (something that I'm sure Dento is experienced at), so it really wasn't too huge a surprise that he won. And next to NOTHING came out of this. Ash and Shooti hardly exchanged two words after it was all over. What's worse, Dento said to Ash "everyone has a different way of thinking, you can't do anything about it." This reminded me of what the ENTIRETY of the DP rivalry was about, and the fact that they just expressed it in an off hand comment instead of actually expanding upon it irked me to no end.

    Cabernet's little soft moment with Dento in the latest melted my heart. I still hope to see some of that eccentric behavior in the future, but I think it might be toned down a bit ^^; She's cute, though.
    There's not as much rage as I expected, so I am happy :3 Yeah, I know that emonga had at least one episode to straighten out, but as proven by subsequent events, she didn't really take Tsutarja's maturity to heart =_= Kenyan got mad respect from me after this arc, I can't wait to see him again! Who would think that a sawk would be so badass like that? Damn, I would have loved it if he won that battle XD

    I wasn't really around the fandom when the first tournament aired, so I wouldn't really know :p But the Sinnoh arc is my favorite because of Paul (character bias, yes, it exists...but I have no negative feelings towards Iris, as some people may insinuate...I honestly thought that was a bad decision on the writer's part).
    It took me a while to start posting there. I lurked on and off for about two years before I joined XD I have a feeling it's about to get turbulent soon :O
    Haha, thank you XD Have I seen you around before? I don't really venture outside the anime section much ^^;
    ah yeah, that guy. And yeah, I looked at the rules (something I don't think even the mods bother to do), that wouldn't have warranted a permaban. The only thing that could've possibly had enough infractions for an instant permaban was posting pornography. Astinus was just being a bitch.

    Meh, I was abandoning the place anyway, but it made it really difficult to participate in the Pokesho fan club I was a part of, and I saw that I had a PM only to find out I was banned right when I clicked it. I got a mod to let me back on (briefly), only to see that said PM was just a message announcing my infraction. Son of a bitch. -_-
    I pretty much said how I was leaving the place, listed off everyone in the lounge who personally pissed me off and tagged a "fuck you" next to their name... you and Bay were listed off as well, but I said "You're cool". XD I told Astinus I hope she gets gang-raped by a bunch of escaped lab monkeys with AIDS, and then I posted a picture of some guy flipping the bird. Yeah...

    13-year old poster... was this SilverSmeargleSplatter or whatever?
    Er, yeah, I noticed your "About Me" tab just now. XD So how've things been over there? My name hasn't been brought up much in the fanfic lounge ever since my epic chewing-out of practically everyone (except you, and I think Bay) there over a year and a half ago, has it?
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