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  • Well, at least you got 3 different pokes ;) Just of curiosoty, what moves did they have? I haven't hatched any of the eggs their parents leaved. Mostly i want to know the charmanders moveset.
    Oh nice! I actually love wurmple, you never know what you get ;) If you don't check the IVs ofc, lol. I'm hunting for dittos with natures that matches the IVs, the closest i got so far is a jolly with 27 in both HP and attack.
    I'll be online for like the whole day (it's just 10am here. But i'll go out for a short moment now (i think it'll take around 30 minutes) if that's okay? Good luck w/ your subway challenge!
    I can give you 5 eggs, but i can't promise that there's different pokes in each one of them because i mixed them up on purpose. If you still want 5 i'll take them for 5 nuggets.
    Not really :/ But if you have a charti berry or lum berry i'll gladly take it for an egg :)
    Yeah, I'm planning to evolve it for its attack ;)

    The ones that I have that I didn't trade away are:
    Houndoom, Metang, Luxray, Duskull, Kingler, Swinub, Roselia, Spoink and Manetric.
    The really annoying this is that I didn't know about EVs, IVs or Natures back then so they're not very good in battle. Good for show though :)
    Yeah, it's addictive sometimes :-D

    Very good, I'm just trying to pick the right moveset for it, you know?
    Yes, now my Pokemon are up for grabs xD

    Woops, I forgot that I nicknamed it Slythe. It isn't an ego thing, it's just that it was originally for my little brother and he wanted it to be called Slythe. :p
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