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  • Hi, I saw you were going to be away, so I thought I'd leave you a message here as opposed to your thread where it might get lost in the time between now and Sunday.

    Would you accept a Dawn Stone and Water Stone for the Choice Scarf and Life Orb?
    I saw you offer shayne a spiritomb I was wondering can I also have a spiritomb please? I can offer you an egg moved pokemon if you'd like :) vm or pm me if you want to trade, thanks
    Not avaiable for trade on that spirtomb till about 1:30-2 pm but definitely interested message me if it's still open and when I can I'll tell u what I can offer
    Hey Tossa,

    I dunno if you still look at your ditto give-away thread?
    (I posted there 3rd June 2011, but maybe you haven't seen it yet...)
    If it is still possible, I would like a ditto (or 2, if possible) (nature doesn't matter)
    (Please VM/PM me...) :-D

    Thank you...
    Hello, I was really overjoyed to see your ditto give-away thread. I've posted there as well, but I wasn't sure if you wanted a VM as well.

    Could I have:

    Relaxed, Adamant, Calm, Modest, Jolly and Naive please?

    I'd be more than willing to trade you some stuff for them, so if there is anything at all you'd like feel free to ask. I don't suppose you'd know what their various IV's are, would you?

    This will be super useful in Black, as all my dittos are stuck on Heart Gold.

    Many thanks in advance.
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