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  • yeah ofcourse just havent had offers for my pokemon for a while is all, i check the shop in the night shift
    Yeah basically I can only be on from 8 to 9 pm your time cause of work on weekdays. Weekend I'm free for the most part. If you want to reschedule the trade for next Saturday same time I'm 90% sure I can be on, and if can trade during my time period anytime this week just notify me few hours before.
    hey i cant trade at 8 cause im going to see the last air bender ill be able to trade earlier if you can if not we can reschedule or call trade off it up to you
    Justyn, Do you want to do that trade now seeing a w;re both online? shiny mew for shiny heatran.
    Yeah I know my time schedule is pretty flexible during weekend, but it Sux during weekdays. I remember you said you can be on 8pm central. If that during weekdays? If so we can do tonight or anyother night this week.
    Hey you wanted one of my lvl 1 palkia, but we never got a good time set up to trade. If you still want it please message me back, if not it would be helpfull if you let me know, but if you dont reply to this message I will conclude that you don't.
    Would you be willing to clone my Flawless Adamant Rhyhorn please? (I bred it myself :D) I don't mind if you keep one for yourself (if you want to). I only want one clone of it (so I have two of them). :)
    Nice. How about my lvl 45 shiny jap ho oh? Or me lvl 30 shiny jap mew (both legit and UT after capture) If not, I got more stuff but these are quite nice. :)
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