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  • yeah the pattern takes getting use to, but once you have the timing down its not to bad. You will fail at times though lol Take care ;D
    Mind if I add your FC?
    I've been looking for electric safari's for a while now.
    Mine's 4914-4757-1576 with Lampent, Pumpkaboo and Golurk.
    Hi. I've been looking for an Electabuzz Safari for some time now, so I was wondering if we could exchange FCs? Mine's 1220 7381 3516, and my Safari has Ponyta, Charmeleon, and Braixen.
    Hi I was wondering if we can trade FCs, I'm looking for an Electabuzz safari. Mine is Ghost type with Lampent, Spiritomb, and Pumpkaboo and my FC is 3394-3742-8499. Thank you very much.
    Well let's see... when I compared it to Serebii, it was exactly the same, but shiny. But here are the details for you to decide. (I hope it's legit!) Japanese name (how do I put that down??) Lvl 10 Lax nature (sounds crappy to me. lol) Natural Cure ability moves: (in the order listed on Serebii too) Confusion, Recover, Heal Bell, Safeguard in a Poke ball From Hoenn after a long travel through time. Oh, and a Japanese OT.

    That's everything...
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