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  • i didnt find out until late, but happy...uh...thing that isnt listed...you know what i mean... (i hope)
    just finnished reading your English name predictions on bulbapedia - love it a lot. keep it up, you had me laughing hard.
    also, yeah, quite a few of PUSA's decisions on names are really questionble, for example, layla - maybe leela. as for the mario in "dressed for jess success" - when will luigi appear? lol@that, i would totally laugh my head off if there was a luigi in the future. I'm glad they have someone named Sean in the anime, reminded me of when my friend Sean and I were little, he'd have every pokemon card and people kept borrowing them like how Glen kept borrowing Sean's father's pokemon in the episode "battling the bully"
    I'm hoping for a Hudson and a Pugsley in the anime, in fact i have a blog poast about that at What kind of a pokemon anime character would you associate these names with? and... - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums where i ask what kind of characters you'd imagine having sertain names. maybe that'll help you out on your awesome dub name predictions. keep it up, i really like it.
    Please ask Tom Wayland for who voices Marlin. I believe it's Ed Paul/Ted Lewis. also, double chekk with him for the voice of Jeremiah, that i believe was actually Daren Dunstan. Also ask for Ridley's VA as the episode has aired in several countries at the beginning of the year.
    Hey, you're probably the biggest Tracey fan out there. Could you tell me what sort of character development Tracey went through over the course of the series? I want to write something about him.
    Since the 'pedia is locked, I want to tell you that the Be An Arrow Pokémon section has a link to Ash's Tranquill instead of Unfezant...I can haz you fix it, Please?
    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I changed my username and now I can't change it back. When I try to go to Edit EMail, Username, and Password, it only says Edit Email and Password. How can I change it back?
    Hey, can you help me with something? Is there a certain size format for trainer back sprites? Just wondering, for a template I made in Archives.
    Hey, if your age range is 14-16, please answer the following. It's for my science/research/statistics project:

    *Do you wear a watch?
    *What is your transcript GPA? (ranges of 5: e.g. 75-80, 80-85, etc.)
    *How many hours of sleep do you get?
    *How many PCs, iPods, and TVs do you have access to?
    *Are there any restrictions on the amount of time you have on the aforementioned?

    Hey Sam, as an anime expert and master spriter, do you think that the King and Queen for a Day movie director is notable enough for an article? Because I just thought of a couple of sprites to do: The King and Queen Bonsly and Mime Jr. Are they good ideas? I already asked Bidoof to do it. Tell me quickly before he gets too far
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