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  • Somewhat on the school side of things. Work is pretty relaxed right now; it's usually the last fourth of the year when we start rushing around for Halloween and Christmas.
    Ah. Still, something! Hopefully you can make enough money in it so that if you do end up wanting to switch fields you'll be able to do so. ^^

    That and working part-time in retail. Oh such fun. :u
    Do you enjoy your work? And it's a good, stable job? If so, congrats! :D I mean there would be congrats either way, but finding a job I enjoy is one thing I have yet to accomplish, so if you have found that, all the more power to ya!
    Eh, could be better, but not horrible; same old, same old.
    Damn dude, where have you been? Busy with school and other fun activities?

    Either way, nice to hear from you. =)
    $35, OoT for the 3DS, a little doggie note statue, a bottle of rumchata, and the promise of being allowed to use a family car for a vacation.


    Such as? :V

    Wasn't that her nickname back in early Unova/Gen 5? I know I saw a comic or two floating around dealing with that.

    Me either. I thought it was a fake game they made just so they could have a way for Ralph to meet up with the solider from Hero's Duty and swipe his uniform.

    I accept everyone's aspects and flaws...as long as they are the same as my own. If not, then people have to conform to my standards and shortcomings. Sounds fair, no?

    As it stands now, September 25th.

    I Detect some ego there. Let's hope it doesn't come back to Bite us in the butt. :p

    You're better off than me then.

    And with the "Rebel Spirits" leak people are flipping their shit even more. What's your guess?

    Idk, but it was certainly an interesting (not to mention cute x3) search result.

    Aaaand I finally saw Tangled earlier this week. It was also very cute. x3 Flynn and Rapunzel were very refreshing characters, and Maximus was entertaining. Also I want my own Pascal.
    It's welcomed all the same. Thank you, J J M. :3c

    That is acceptable. So is this.

    's pretty good. :eek: (filled with sunshine and rainbows? :D)
    What good are you then. >:T

    It would be fitting for a palm tree. :V


    Yep, though I've never played it myself.

    A comedy movie buddy AND horror movie buddy would be swell.

    Yeah. xD

    Sweet! Now we won't have a Worry Seed sprout in our heads about a Pursuit.

    We'll have to agree to disagree about location varieties in the Batman universes.

    Belated congratulations! :D Do you have your own car?

    Like many in the fandom I proceeded to flip my shit.
    Yeah, I mean, I'm a big Superman fan, and they did change some things, but not enough for me to whine. The changes were good, and not that different. I'm glad we got to see Clark Kent with his glasses. :D
    Karamazov (not Contrary, because he will always be Kara to me :'D since he was one of the first nice members I met and, imo, one of the best members of this site.) made that same joke actually. :p

    I've been okay, I've been your typical pokemon anime nerd:

    In all seriousness, I think I have a problem. I really should take a chill pill when it comes to this show. P:
    The ones that are yours in this conversation. :p

    Try tumblr and deviantART (Well someone has a negative attitude there. :/)
    You could have told me that before I wasted my energy typing out that last apology. :I

    Hear, hear!

    Iris = the apple?

    "Hmmm polyester, cotton, nylon, oh geez, the real battle is deciding which fabric to wear!"

    It was four if you count Tappers. :V But yes, each world was so well fleshed-out, even that one (it looks like an older game with about the same level of depth/technical limits as Fix It Felix, Jr.). The question is what possible plot could be woven.

    Better so that I could have a horror movie buddeh to chats with ;;

    "Fuck Jay" isn't very nice in that context. :B

    This is quite a Bind we're in...maybe we can go someplace that practices Aromatherapy! Quick, Follow Me!

    Putting Gotham is a full-time job man. :I
    I dunno without a Google search.

    Any luck finding work?
    Perhaps. You never know, there could be a better job out there for you! I'm doing well! Although I'm starting school again on Tuesday. Yuck. :l
    At the moment, not too much, but in a good way. XD I'm done with classes until September now, so I'm catching up on some reading and video games now, including some new ones. ^^

    How have you been?
    Thank you, J J M!

    I'm glad you mentioned that, because I think our conversation got buried under other messages, though I meant to get back to it. ^^; We definitely should talk more again!
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