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  • No I think that was everything and I forgot and selected the Miltank by mistake! Thanks so much though, these will be awesome!
    Well, I wouldn't call it "unreadable". Okami's font..now that was an eyesore.

    and from your link:

    "objective (əbˈdʒɛktɪv)
    — adj
    2. undistorted by emotion or personal bias "

    I see. Naja, egal.
    see ya
    Neither have I, to be honest. It was more of a general note not to engage in any discussions where you post about gen III, though in retrospect it was probably poorly phrased.
    That's a fun way of saying "mind your own business". And I will, seeing how this conversation is ending up.
    So I guess Hoenn isn't confirmed then.

    At any rate, I certainly won't start debating gen III with you any time soon. Not that I'm a big fan of RSE myself, but still...
    I know the blog entry is a rough draft but how is it objective again? Everybody is free to have their own opinions but that doesn't make it fact or even objective.
    ( btw, when I went to school nobody used computers for school projects so fonts didn't matter back then :p the RSE font wasn't very good you but as bad as you make it sound tbh)
    That would be counter-productive.

    I must have mistaken you for someone else. Probably from /vp/. My bad.
    Why would I do that? I'm no stalker. What a strange way to answer...^^;
    Well, doesn't matter anyway.
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