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  • Oh man, for a moment there I thought I'd lost track of you forever, but it seems you do still pop on here ocassionally. Man, I haven't been around this place for a while now.
    Hope all is going well for you man, and that you're still watching lame kids shows from japan. Never let go!
    But when things settle down and finances, possible housing issue and debts get resolved. All of this will be worth it, all this renunciation and hard work leading toward brighter, happier and more peaceful future. Well, i at very least hope this is waiting ahead of you ending rewarded for all effort and devotion invested in taking care of those you care about to make life better.

    My English can be abit sloppy and im not sure if i used most appropriate phrases in here, since its not my first language,. So pardon me if i sounded abit weird haha.:

    Sure prioritize your things, chatting with online friends can wait. Im not going anywhere and ill patiently wait for you to come back. :)
    Ah thanks goodness, i started to worry that im just making fool out of myself to person which may not even recall who i am.

    Im very, very pleased to hear from you again and im glad that you decided to give opportunity that our friendship possibly becomes stronger in future. Like Humphrey Bogart said in classic movie Casablanca: "this could be beginning of beautiful friendship". :-D

    Actually now that you mentioned it i tend to be by nature shy and reticent person, so i dont jump on first ball when making acquintances or friendships. Even when talking to others onlin taking a while before i open myself. If you catch my drift? Reasons behind this may be different in your case, but final result of not being active in talking to others could appear to be the same.

    Although with years i worked on diminishing this problem of mine.

    Your getting married? Wow, that sounds like gresat news. CONGRATS man, i truly wish you all the best and i hope that you and your life partner will find true happiness together, many exciting adventures going through, forming family and your own place filled with love and relaxation. No im not saying this out of cozrtesy, i truly mean it.

    Ah two jobs at once? That can be harsh, very harsh having provate life suffer. Due to so much labour and responsibilities accompanied on top of that with planning for wedding surely eating away any spare time you might had have. Which isn't much in this case to begin with.

    No wonder why you were innactive not maintaining contact with others. I understand and i feel obligation to apologize for acting perhaps like impatient jerk not taking in consideration how other, more important issues might be reason behind not receiving answer to my inquiries. Im sorry to hear that you got into so much obligations and stress lately.
    Hi, remember me?

    I think its shame how there never appears opportunity that we talk, get to know each other better and learn about our preferences, desires and interests we may have. I mean in order to develop friendship its required two way alley having interchangeable communication to start from somewhere.

    Because i remember times when we used to talk freely, with no refrain, hesitation and annoyance about basically anything. And i miss those days.

    I dont know if i will receive reply to my message or not(not hiding though, i would like if i would), but i wanted to let you know this.
    Happy Birthday mate! We don't talk too much(in fact very rarely sadly) but i still consider you as friend and i would like to wish you all the best for your birthday. Have a great time filled with fun, many presents and pleasant atmosphere. :)
    Teddi! How are you dude? Sorry I haven't been popping in regularly man, hope things are well over in Deutschland. Only 2 months to go until the BW era draws to a close, huh? Hard to believe it's already been three years since we had our first online battle and you thoroughly kicked my arse.
    Also, get to watching Heartcatch. I know you've forgotten about it!
    Yeah, sadly it looks like my pokemon forum posting days might be drawing to a close. I still like pokemon of course, but posting is just no fun any more, and it seems like I've finally lost interest in watching the show after all these years. I'm sure I'll probably brighten up once Gen 6 rolls around, but in the mean time I'll likely remain on the quiet side.

    I'm not going to stop popping on the forums every so often though, so I wouldn't worry about me disappearing forever. I couldn't leave good ol' Teddi behind!
    LOL XD it's a downloads source more than a forum for me, to be honest... so no, I'm not active on that forum, just posted about the seasons thing...
    I'm actually not really active on any forum nowdays... it's mostly skype/tumblr/facebook for me these days... and will probably stay this way - every time I try to take a look at bulbagarden's anime forum again - it only makes me realize I better not try to be active here anymore... I still watch the anime (and really love N) and just post about it on fb/tumblr or talk about it on skype - I think this works better for me than bulba... also, since last time we talked, I beat Iris in Black2 ! but now the game is getting a little boring... but that's ok since I'll soon get a 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed! (if you have MK7 I'd love to race you)
    I wouldn't really say N is a Gary-Stu, even though there really is no true definition of a Gary-Stu XD

    I did read somewhere that N's powers supposedly were passed down to him due to his being a descendant of kings of Unova. Then again I might be misremembering things because I can't find anything on Bulbapedia about N being of actual royal heritage. Yeah he has the abilities to talk to Pokemon and connect toward their hearts. I wouldn't necessarily say that people listening to N and agreeing with his words is a Stu-ish trait. I wouldn't say his looks really are an indicator of Stu-ness either. I mean there are many characters in this show with powers, Anabel's ability to read her Pokemon's thoughts, Iris' ability to read Dragon's hearts, or Caitlin's psychic talents come to mind, but that really has never equated to the realm of Sue/Stu-ness for me. None of them have been shown to be unbeatable, invincible, always right, and exceptionally above everyone else. If the anime does borrow some aspects of both BW1 and BW2 N, Ghetsis supposedly will play some role in scolding N at some point regarding his powers. In all honesty I just think his powers came from his constant time living with Pokemon at a child.

    Bleh, I go on too much XP My bad. I hear what you're saying though :p
    I agree about TR too. As far as BW goes meh i guess people who prefer new TR liked how they were for change part of something big playing important role as members of TR not failing anymore becoming more competent. But in return i feel their essence, and appeal they used to had as characters was heavily toned down becoming vastly boring as far as interaction and their characterization goes. Hopefully in N arc and with return of older white uniforms going back to older ways appeal and humor they used to have will be restored. They still aren't there yet, but i still have some hopes that things might go back to older ways by end of abomination BW series were.

    And can't say i blame you for feeling this way about TR and N arc because lately decisions and drop in quality of writing doesn't give any background to be somewhat more optimistic about future. One of biggest disappointments was World Cup from games which never got proper adaptation on screen. We only had pageant in form of Junior Cup while missing on opportunity to actually bring some older gym leaders and characters like Misty and Brock. They could do sequel introducing more challenging cups like Senior, Champion cup tc not staying just on this but instead they wasted lot of potential in there.

    And now that N arc began i doubt they will go back to it, although as optimist by nature ill preserve final judgment until Unova completely ends. Perhaps return of Charizard may be sign of writing starting to go in better direction. At least drop in popularity should be indication for writers how current approach simply isn't optimal way to keep people interested.
    Countless times i met fans which dislike Misty simply because she wasn't coordinator or got smaller role than May or Dawn viewing her as "inferior" because of that.
    Misty may have did less than other girls did,but that doesn't make her inferior as character because its quality which counts not quantity. Misty served as coach and motivator in main cast pushing others to try their best(thanks to her Ash became better trainer with this not being only Brock merit).
    She often brought encouragement to others playing role of classical heroine saving other lives and pokemon,providing moral support.

    Had great personality,bringing healthy interactions and dynamic within group containing lot of humor, tension and chemistry often turning episodes which are on first look mediocre in enjoyable ones.
    Likewise she got some notable growth herself too happening gradually. Like getting over complex of feeling less worthy compared to older sisters, becoming more mature and confident over course of original series with Togepi helping her in that growth by exploring more on different sides of character while keeping that quirky, hotheaded side of hers along with improving skills as trainer.

    But apparently all of this is often ignored or forgotten in here. And i actually enjoyed seeing her enter Whirl Cup in Johto finally being done something notable about her goal. I feel Master Quest was definitely best out of all Johto sagas. What do you think?
    Misty is underrated with people not giving credit she deserved. And speaking of Scott i never understood his aversion toward character, and negativity never having anything positive to say about her.

    Even if he dislikes Misty fans, he shouldn't judge character by rabid fanboys but through his deeds and value he brought to show.
    I see, sorry for being so intrusive . Its just i enjoy having conversations with you when i have chance for it being rarity to find mature, civilized members in online fandom to talk with.

    Thanks for your concern, i fully recovered feeling great now. And on bright side hotels, restaurants etc in month or half of month will announce vacancies looking for employers over spring and summer season when most tourists come. Its not stable, long term solution but its still better than nothing, so ill try my best to be hired in near future.

    Yep, i heard Germany is exception out of countries in EU having strong economy and organized people(unlike over here :p). Though Merkel popularity notably dropped over past few months because of reforms and measures on money savings. Especially in Spain and Greece(its hell down there).

    Speaking of Misty its not only that, but incredible lack of interest i noticed for character. At least on bulbagarden with no one being interested that she returns starting to view her pointless ever since mr. Shudo blogs leaked out. It's a real shame when people change their opinions just because someone else didn't share them, rather than letting their opinions change by themselves.

    Which is shame because someone value shouldn't be measured through how much he does, but by how valuable things he contributed to show were. Someone can do very little and still provide to show appeal more than those who had huge story arcs and focus centered around them(like coughDawncough).
    You know if i bother you, feel free to let me know. Whenever i try to start talk it ends going in one direction never getting reply back, but i can't really know if our views clash too much to discuss such things if conversation never takes place.
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