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  • Damn, that's a lot, though it is summer but I thought New York was colder.
    That's the name of the new academy, like I said a lot has happened in the RP it's been like 25 years since the original three RPs
    Well you're special and I'm the GM so I can always make that arragement for you to join Nebula.
    Nah xD we're still RPing things have....gotten bigger a lot more plotlines have been done a lot more characters have been introduced though it's no longer just a Pokemon acadeymy anymore.

    It's too bad that you could only be in two installments :( you sure you don't wanna come back.
    I don't but I heard of some writers that do, I just plan it in my head and then start writing it as it comes then I do edits depending on what I think.
    There's no limit xD the chapter can be as long as the writer wants it to be.
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