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  • Hey, dude! It's been far too long. ^^
    Sup?! Long time no see.
    The Booty Warrior
    Not a whole lot, actually. How've you been doing?

    EDIT: Actually, I'm also planning my first fanfic in years and looking for advice. I posted a thread in The Written Word, but it appears it's supposed to go in the Plot Bunnies thread. If you have the power, you think you could merge my thread into that one? As well as hand out a pointer or two?

    EDIT2: Actually, never mind. Someone else already did it.
    Just wanted to let you know I'm wishing you all the best and hope your health improves :)
    I've only read up to Chapter 369 since I'm in North America :/ Where Zero's attack is revealed to be just an illusion or whatever. I like the manga! My favorite character is Gray because I've been told I look like him, whatever that means lol. What are your thoughts on where the plot is heading?
    Hello :D! Nothing much is up. Since you're a fellow fan, what do you think of the current arc (if you read the manga of course) and who is your favourite character :D?
    Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for your feedback. In truth, description over dialogue is one thing with which I've been struggling since I started. The outside perspective is truly appreciated.
    Hello! Yes, it has been a really really long time.

    Things are broadly good with me, though not really around Bulbagarden any more (as the fact that it took me 4 months to reply to this should attest!)

    Looks like you're a mod again. Great news for the site right there and I'm glad to see it.
    Hey, thanks for the feedback! 91/100, seriously? That's one hell of a high score, I honestly wasn't expecting that
    No, I'm really not lol, I thought the other stories were excellent :> I've been meaning to drop a review on GC I should get around to that Excited to see what's cooking, though!
    Graaaaaah, sorry for the late reply D:
    In all honesty, I was so surprised to see that I had won. I thought (and still think) that Green Chronicles is one of the best stories on the site, and Backgrounds was so good too and it was like o_O whaaaaaaaaat? Always a pleasure, though.
    Oh I'm done with my judging, it took me a while because I had to deal with tests but now I'm done and happy xD
    That would be awesome! And give yourself some credit, sheesh. You're one of the best on this site. I like a man who has a way with words ;)
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