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  • People enjoy getting a buzz from some booze it seems. It just kinda sucks for the people who have to deal with you if you're a mean drunk. :x

    Depends on what the competition is about for me, but usually I'm not either. You wanna be a rapper someday?
    Oooo you have an interest in sociology as well? I loved the class I had last semester for it, had an awesome teacher too. Plus the knowledge you gain from it just seems so much more practical than other areas of study, at least in my fields of interest.
    Agreed. :/

    Ah I see. Makes senses sense with New Orleans being down there.

    You'd think they'd be happy to have you there as the designated driver so their drunk asses don't get ticketed. :rolleyes:
    Evidently drinking is vry srs bsns there. And I don't understand it either, at least not to the point of getting completely wasted.

    Not just money, but competition too, and I'm not one for competition usually.
    Dude, you're just like me. xD I'd love to create a videogame or review them for magazines or something because I enjoy playing them, but I wouldn't have the patience nor skill for the former and with the latter I'd have to play all the shitter games or ones that don;t interest me along with the ones that do.
    Hopefully we both find our callings in life sooner rather than later.
    How different are the people between the north and the south?

    I can understand that, I usually don't drink anything heavier than a winecooler. *lightweight* I don't understand the point in drinking to the point where you can't remember anything the next day and have a horrible hangover. "Oh dear Arceus my head hurts! Somehow, this means I must have had the best night ever! And I'll never remember it! Yay! :D"
    Maybe if I experienced it I'd feel differently...but I doubt it. Seems silly to me to kill off all of your brain cells for that.

    Perhaps if you found a career to strive for you would be more motivated. I'm sort of in the same boat myself. I go to college and do fairly well in my classes, but I'm not very impassioned about doing the work for them. Have yet to find something that clicks and makes me go, "YES, this is what I can see myself doing for the rest of my working life!" Seems like a daunting challenge, with all the careers that are out there ya know?

    Well college is a huge social ordeal. me & social don't mix. my freshman year was so, so, horrible. granted I was in northern Louisiana rather than down here in south Louisiana, where the people are very different, so at least that's alleviated this year. but still, I dunno about you, so I may be preaching to the choir, but just because this is the most blatant easiest example I can use, being a non drinker among the typical college student crowd is like being a smurf among snorks; it's just a challenge when going against the grain. It sounds like a rehash considering being different is something I was used to all throughout school, but college is just different somehow, I can't quite explain it. Plus, I know I'm not ready to be in college or a college setting, I'm a person who's a very very slow bloomer socially, it took me til 7th grade to get used to elementary school & by then it was 2 years too late! socially & mentality I'm just not "here" nor "there" for college; the society, the work, the mentality, it just isn't resonating with me, especially since I'm a slow starter. Now I could sound like I'm just spouting the typical freshman experience, but when I have surveys & word of mouth that factorize my college experience so far as horrible compared to 40 other freshman college experiences as great (my senior class from high school), I just gotta assume it isn't for me; or I could accept the very lesser chanced it was just coincidence everyone from my senior class except me enjoyed college, but that's just whistlin' dixie to me. But I digress, I gotta get through it for an education, but it doesn't motivate me any more. For some reason I'm very unmotivated (I guess cuz I'm a "radical leftist hippie" xD )
    I'll reply here rather than the thread since we were going a bit off-topic by shifting from work to school. (Though the school thread is open to discussion too, if you haven't posted there already. :) )
    Thank you so very much for actually taking the time out to explain that in 3 paragraphs, that really helps =] I tried to explain the problem to other people & it just did not click in their heads as to what I was trying to get across, despite them knowing me, not figuring out the problem is very relative to my personality, but I digress. Now that you've explained it I'm mostly relieved. But I just know there will be people who will cop an attitude for the sake of it, I don't care what anyone says about southern hospitality, people love to friggin cop attitude just because! XD
    You're quite welcome. ^^

    And yeah, some people will be assholes and give you crap, but after going home and sleeping on it you'll feel better. Unless it's severe enough that the customer goes and complains to a higher up, they're just bitching because of stuff that happened to them earlier in the day or they're just naturally cranky. Don't let it get to you. Hell, you might feel better just by leaving your place of employment for the day. Sometimes I'll be really tired, but then when it comes time to go I get a second wind of sorts. xD
    That's pretty cool! Nas is my favorite rapper tied with Jay-Z and Kanye. Keep working hard and hopefully one day we both can breakthrough XD
    obviously from your name I can tell your a Lupe Fiasco fan, that dude is an incredible MC. Im an aspiring hip-hop producer so one day I dream of having big name rappers rap over my beats.
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