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  • Haha, yeah it was cool to see that lol too bad Pikachu finally lost to a Meowth, but it was a good glimpse of how TR's Meowth would be if it had a good moveset.
    I know at least in those matches it was down to one Pokemon each instead of one knocking out half the team at one time! Yeah, loved the "Tom and Jerry" match that was Tyson vs. Ash lol
    I know at least they could have told us the name or the city and all or background like Tyson, Harrison etc.
    Yeah, me too my only question is how he came across those legendaries, what other Pokemon are on his team and how the heck did he manage to catch em in normal Pokeballs?!?!
    Interesting pics indeed could be Tobias vs. Bertha or Palmer or it would be something else if it were indeed Joy's Pokemon
    Whoa, there is a Latias!?!?! Where did you find that out I've only seen the youtube clip of the DP special.
    Whoa, I thought that Cyna saw Piplup acting like it knew everything and that was why it was shaking its head?? Oh well, we'll find out soon enough.
    Hey, long time no talk hows it going? I think that you know Dawn will have a Quilava in the DP special next month!!
    Fire+Mohawk = Flamehawk. No, that's not a good mix.

    I think I'll just go watch Flame Wheel of Fortune now.
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