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    Probably traveling the world and getting to train, care for, and bond with the Pokemon I'd catch. And btw your avatar is just so cure!
    I see we have similar thoughts in what we'd do if the Pokémon world really existed. Also thanks ^_^
    Yup, good luck. I hope things will slow down for you soon. :)

    Sparx: Haha, sounds great!! Everyone need to relax now and then, raii~ By the way, did you sign up for this "War of the Roses" thingy? I was going to, but ended up being too late.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. -.-' I've been a bit busy myself these days, but it's been slowing down as of lately. Phew.
    Sparx: How's it going, Ty? Long time no see, raii?~
    Well, pokémon wise those are the only ones I go to actively and feel comfortable recommending, but by the look of it you want a site that features a variety of rp types, which the only one I can think of would probably be coloholics, though I never rped there much since I sorta got bored of it there ^^;;;;

    Most of the sites I check out tend to be themed sites, meaning the entire site is set up for rping in a certain genre, such as the pokémon world, or one piece world, ect. which might explain my inability to find a variance type one
    It's Super Effective! is one that is on and off, but the people will normally post

    A Heart So True Is another one which is just starting up, though I’m friends with the admin (and am thus a staff member), so keeping the rp alive would not be too difficult

    These are the two best pokémon rp sites that I currently know of, I also know a one piece site and a Zelda site in case you’re interested
    Actually, being a member of PMD-E isn't that much work at all, you don't have to draw it all the time, you just have to stay active in the group, it's fun really.
    Actually yes, that was me who did that.

    I personally no longer care about the group, I hate to admint, but to be honest with you, I found many (but not all) of the members of PKMC to be rather rude and ungrateful, there were some members who were nice to me, and helped me feel better after I was banned from PKMC, many suggested that I go to PMD-Explorers, which I joined this week, here's my application for it: PMD-E: Team Hurricane Diamonds by *Masterge77 on deviantART

    When I joined PMD-E, the people there were incredibly nice and generous to me, and accepted me in pretty quickly, it's probably the only RP group on DA I will ever be a part of for now...
    Ok. No pressure, I won't be on Sunday or Monday much if at all, I have something being done at the hospitel (I'm not old, still below 16 here!
    Thank you for reserving in Digimon Mooncrest! Your reserve will last 3 days unless you tell me you need more time. The sooner the SU the better. :) Wern't you in that one rp digimon quest?
    Hi,just wanted to ask if you received my PM?I remember i send it to you,but im not sure if you received it having lately some problems with pc.

    Sorry for disturb in advance.
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