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  • No dude, go for the legends. Tell him you'll trade it to you ONLY if he'll give you 3+ Pokemon of your choice, and tell him that Groudon is the ULTIMATE Pokemon. That is how you beat the system.
    Nah my whole high school is obsessed with it apparently but if I try to talk it with anyone I lose them after I actually discuss anything besides Pikachu.

    By the way, don't get mad at me if I post a couple of really sucky post in the RP, I probably haven't RP since this past spring?
    I am about to vomit over the amount of "I lurve Peekachoooo" stuff that is everywhere. I get that some people think they're cute, but if you don't know more than 5 Pokemon names than I don't really think you count as a fan. Then you should just consider yourself a fan of those Pokemon. But yeah it exploded again all of the sudden???
    My life has been a big blur of what can only be described as turmoil since my parents tossed me back into public school about 2 weeks into August, which was also two weeks into the school year. So I am now currently a public high schooler. So my life has mostly revolved around that. And I played some White 2, but that's to be expected because I don't know many Pokemon obsessed freaks who haven't. How's school going for ya?
    Yes. I was a big sobbing ball of a teenage girl, constantly checking bulbagarden every 15 minutes and eagerly awaiting your return so that I could see your beautiful text written upon my visitor messages feed once again. Now I feel as if a great dove of peace has descended upon me, because the wish that I have forever held closest to my heart has finally come true.

    Yeah, no, none of that, though it has been a long time since we talked, and you are kind of fun to talk to! So maybe a bit. :p So what have you been up to?
    Ah, it's no problem. I know the difference between ooc and ic X3. But, since this looks like it's heading towards a battle, I think it'd be easier to decide who wins before we start so that it doesn't drag on (winging it's fine too). So if they do fight, do you want Jack to win?
    Hey, I closed the sign-up for the RP however we are still waiting for your SU. I just wanted to let you know so you don't accidentally think that you can't Sign-Up anymore.
    Sorry for my inactivity everyone. I've been grounded until February 28, due to a HUGE fight with my brother. The time may be less if I get a good grade on my midterm.

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