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  • Suit yourself. Though, I'm all ears when you need it. Eh, they've been fine, I guess. Minus all the stress from school and clubs.
    Ack, sorry, I had dozed off giving my laptop some time before restarting. x.x; Oddly enough, I'm not really fond of PvPing in most cases, lol. If I had the ability to though, I would likely get one of the games mentioned. I'd like something new that I can enjoy, but all I know is that my dad is buying CoD again, so yeah, not much I can do about that -w-;;

    Anywho, if you don't show here, you'll likely see me on the PSN (whenever that'll be). See ya. :eek:
    A shame though, I was looking forward to playing it for the most part. Looked like a game that'd be very fitting to my taste. Ah well, I could just stick to MMORPGs and whanot.

    Well of course, Capcom's love for SF4 will never die as they'll release yet another edition of it...ULTRA! Yeah. The only things I have on hand are old Final Fantasy versions and 13 (Old versions being 7 and 8). Speaking of which, I hear they're remaking X.
    That's what I've been reading,I've tried to use a patch for it but it didn't really help much so I just gave up.
    Yeah, it's basically a... $100+ thing if you plan to stay up to date with the game along with the bonus downloads it provides you. I do prefer Battlefield over CoD though, as I'm not really required to download every single expansion, lol. I do wish I had something more of my taste to play though, like a fighting game or another RPG.
    Eh, if I'm on the PS3, the only thing I do is play CoD or watch videos off Crunchyroll/Youtube. I tried playing Dark Souls, but it plays at a pretty low fps on my computer.
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