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  • Sorry for not being online much lately. I see you're only an hour ahead of me. My schedule's pretty flexible so just let me know when you're usually online and I'll try to catch you then.
    Its Mii Week! (Inspired by me, and made by me)

    Make a Special Mii RIGHT HERE!, make it to be your BMGf avatar, and help spread Mii Week!
    Heya Elie, I see you are patrolling the streets of the Trade Station as I speak.

    I still haven't managed to ask you what I want for the Trade Day way way back... And you really have no reason to be streaming now at the moment, I think,(As there are only 3 viewers at current)

    So, about the trade day prize, would I be able to pick anything off of the list you have posted? (Just telling you, you are just a little bit, say, harsh on the people, I know you don't exactly want anything, but you should just be a bit more kind, anyway, what am I to critique?

    So, can I pick anything off of that list you put up on the Offering Station?
    Also, please record the full stream tomorrow. Thank you. I've sent the first recording to the editor in chief of Bulbapedia for review so we can see if we can get the pedia updated. Thank you again for all your help.
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