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  • Well my best piece of advice since you're still plenty new is to try out more RPs first, be mindful of what others do and how they do them and such, if anything I'd say the best thing to do at first is to practice on making good characters and leaving an impression with the people in the RPs your in, that'll help a lot when youa ctually make your own.
    My good sir I have offered a token of my kindness in the form of a Roserade to you in the gift station :)
    I think it'll be quite the surprise for those pesky Swamperts you may come into contact with. And also I'm no longer as active as I once was so it will be put to much better use with you! If you ever have any questions a PM would be the best bet or a VM... though I never have any idea when I'll log in again xD
    Hi there~! I saw you joined the URPG, so welcome!

    One of the first things you need to do is make your stats in this board. The Ultra Dex pages for the Pokemon will not suffice for your stats since they also need to keep track of your money, battle record, items, and any badges you may have as well as your Pokemon. You can use the Ultra Dex pages for your Pokemon if you'd like to help you make your stats though!

    If you have any questions, I'm a URPG Official, which is basically a fancy way of calling me URPG staff, so I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability!
    Alright, neat!
    Probably your best bet for Battling is to get on AIM, but if you don't have an account there, you can always do battles around the forums (rumor: there's about to be a big push for more forum battles to take place!). Probably the best way to learn about that is just to do it.

    As for roleplaying, the National Park section is where that all happens! I'm currently in the process of becoming a Park Ranger myself, so I can do Park Runs with people. The Park can be a little slow, but from what I understand activity really tends to spike in the summer!

    If you get bored of waiting, (again, if you're not on AIM, it can be a little slow sometimes) I highly recommend checking out some of the other areas of the Bulbagarden forums. The more you have to do around here, the more stuff you'll catch in URPG!

    It might also be a good idea to check out the Petalburg Woods forum and Pokemon Crossroads forum, as URPG is currently hosted there as well. They all have some different things (such as PXR has a pretty good spriting community), so I think it's worth looking into. (I don't have links though, so I'll let you google those yourself! :p )

    Ooh, one last thing: PXR and PWN (that's pokemon crossroads and petalburg woods, respectively) have Easter events still going on, where you can earn a whole bunch of URPG money all at once. If you feel like doing an egg hunt in a forum, having all that extra cash can be a huge boon to a new player! I highly suggest you check it out if you have free time.

    Ok, ok, I'll get off your back and let you explore a little. Again, if you have any questions or can't find something (it's a jungle out there!) go ahead and send me a visitor message! I'll be happy to do whatever I can.
    Hey dude! I see you're joining URPG. I know it can be pretty overwhelming, so if you have any questions, you can just pop on AIM (Ash will add you), or ask someone around the URPG forums. While there are probably better people to ask (Ash, for one, knows a lot more about URPG than I do), I'm officially extending you my helping hand-- just in case you need or want any help getting started!

    But first, just because I'm curious, what sort of things are you interested in? Besides Pokemon, I mean. Competitive battling? Roleplaying? Fanfiction? I'm excited to see what makes you tic!
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