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  • Whenever I run into an adaptation like that, I always feel like it's a shame. Starts off almost equal or better than the manga, but then loses its edge halfway through. Madhouse did a great job with CCS on two aspects: the animation was beautiful and the series managed to hold its own against the source manga in many ways. I tend to trust Madhouse more with adapting CLAMP works than any other studio (with the exception of possibly Production I.G.). Any other animated versions of CLAMP manga by other studios (that I've seen) either do everything wrong (i.e. Bee Train's Tsubasa Chronicle) or are good standalone productions while breaking golden rules of CLAMP (i.e. BONE's Angelic Layer breaking the unbreakable CLAMP-verse pairings).

    I'll marathon the anime one day, and yeah, I definitely prefer Dark Horse's translations for all of Tokyopop's old licenses. lol
    It's been so long since I've read MKR. Watched a bit of the anime, but I definitely went through the manga. I should really buy the omnibus releases by Dark Horse sometime and read through the entire series again. Such a great fantasy series, it's right up there with CCS as one of CLAMP's best works.
    Glad my blog helped inspire you to watch Cardcaptor Sakura! Also very glad you enjoyed it as well, it's a very lovely series. :)
    Ehh, all I remember is seeing this one clip on YT where an EVA unit pinned down one of the Angels and started eating it and I was like ";____;"
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