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  • What the heck is going on in your avatar?
    Pikachu's reaction while nurse Joy was working on his tail in JN021 :).
    Aw. what happened to his tail?
    Injury in battle, I think it was too many iron tails or something?
    Hi, dont know if you remember me. But i noticed your still around so i want to wish you all the best in 2015! Let it be happier and more pleasant for you than previous one.
    Is everything ok? I mean sometime i get impression like your mad at me or something due to any talk ending very quickly, but in case i annoy you with my messages or posts jut let me know.

    So that awkward, negative situations dont happen in future.
    I know that feeling. Its like most people, many well informed and interesting members left bulbagarden. I mean bulbagarden forums weren't so lonely like they seem to be nowadays, its almost like they turned into wold(especially anime section). Although for some of my friends which left i can understand and respect their decision. Ash regression and stagnant storyline, repreated ideas and many older characters being forever buried in past leaving them unfinished and deprived of chance to ever get update(for example many Misty fans i knew in here left after their favorite not having any in flesh return for 9 years losing any hope and respect for this show) contributed in people losing interest.

    But still i wish there were more people in here.

    p.s. With me things are relatively good i guess. I had some turbulent period for last few months but now life has returned to normal, taking more relaxed, stress free streak.
    Hi, how are you today? Abit random question but i noticed we havent talked for quite awhile, so i decided to come for a visit and small chat?

    If you dont mind of course.
    Dont know if you remember me, but wanted to wish you all the best for Easter. Abit late, but i wasn't much online during this days.
    Wow. You're right. It does sound nice. A little too fast, in my opinion, but still good.

    Did you see the XY dub seek peak, if so how good were the VAs for Clemont, Bonnie and Serena?
    Hello. I'm a big fan of It's Always You and Me.
    Can you post some of the lyrics to the full version if you remember them, please?
    Oh i just used that as example how sometimes replacing long stay iconic characters can lead to downfall of viewers interest and negative repercussions. And replacing Ash after 15 years isn't something which would pass without negativity.
    You know whats hilarious? All those whiners wanting Ash gone because they are sick of no notable growth. Don't they realize how problem isn't in character but writers with addition of new one not changing anything, while at same time killing only stable source of profit and marketability. Ash is to pokemon like what Goku was to dragon ball.

    I remember when writer Toriyama thought of replacing Goku with Gohan with backlash from fandom being so massive that he was forced to abandon such idea .
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