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  • So you're a Ryu fan, huh?
    Well then! That makes two of us, haha.

    To answer your question about blue dragons, we got... Bagon and Salamence, Druddigon, Swablu family, Latios, Gible family, Kingdra.
    I see. I was wondering becuase the Motif behind Ryu;s Seiryu alias is a group of Chinese astrological concepts called the "Four Symbols" (though TV Tropes calls them the Four Gods and they have other titles). The origin of that particular alias came form beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD which had a group of songs centered on that motif (you probably already know this, and that Ryu's contribution to that set was called "waxing and waning").
    Well, actually, it's "waxing and wanding" because someone goofed when submitting it for the CARDINAL GATE in IIDX13, lol.

    With all that being said, I don't think any of the Four Gods have had proper representation in Pokémon quite yet - so a true Azure Dragon of the East isn't applicable quite yet.
    I don't think her threads have dissolved into full-blown flame war yet, but I think that's mostly because forums tend to discourage that kind of behavior. Plus, the people she's annoying the most are both old-timers and mods... and those kinds of people, especially the mods, don't tend to resort to flaming easily.

    If those threads do catch on fire, I'll just yell "PLASMAAAA!"
    Not too sure what the Tao Dragons have to do with it, but that user's got herself quite the reputation for someone who's been around for only a month. The fact that you know exactly what I'm talking about goes to show.

    It's worse than trying to win an argument against Socrates. At least the Socratic method made some sense, even if it tends to tick people off. Larxene012 on the other hand... well, you know.
    Ah! I was thinking that you were Morgenstern. Name looked similar, as did the profile pic.

    It's too bad that lately, between these two forums, any real news has been slow-flowing. I'm spending most of my time messing around in "caption images" threads or trying to find a good argument that's not based on denial.
    Only just recently, but yes. Joining that place has been one of the better decisions that I've made lately.
    Go for it. You should go to The Fiction Fairground so they can answer any questions you have. Just be sure to read Rulebook and Welcome Hub before you post.
    That's cool, but I don't really own Steam so it really makes no difference for me. I'm comfortable playing the originals for the PS3.
    Just to let you know, the thing about you reminding me of a species of Heartless didn't come from your avatar. It actually came from your username also being the name of a Heartless species from Kingdom Hearts 2. That being said, I do like your avatar. Did you make it yourself?
    Yes, I go by Morningstar1337 there. I was wondering becuase the DN!Muur also ways seems to have Gusto or K-On avatars
    I do indeed frequent the DN forums. You're the second person to notice I'm on both lmao. Do you post on there?
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