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  • Yeah, I know how money is tight now. It really sucks. Hopefully your dad can find something soon. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your ex-girlfriend. She must not have been the one for you since you're a really great guy and anyone with a true heart would realize that you're the right choice.

    Yeah, I'm still trying to win Lisa's heart. It's trying sometimes, but dang, I want it to happen so bad. But I'm not doing well now. I accidentally told my best friend in the world off and now I don't even know how to fix it. I'm such a fool sometimes.
    Hey Nick, it's been way too long. I haven't forgotten about you at all buddy, how's life treating you?
    I'm on most of the time. Maybe you were stopping by when I was on vacation or it's really late at night XD.
    Hey Nick, a many deeply abounded apology... but I want to wish you a very special, happy belated birthday. I hope it was a very wonderful one with my heart in full. =)
    Always glad to meet another player of the game =). Just two questions. What type of deck do you play with and what format do you play? For example Type 2 format would mean you use all new cards.
    Oh, ok, because extreme29 had an avatar that was the exact same as yours when you first joined. Sorry about that, lol
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